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  • We teach our PROVEN ONE-TEXT-DATE FORMULA that has worked countless time already (and still increasing).
  • You Will learn the frames and psychology behind these principles for a deep understanding as to why it works…
    (As opposed to all other “Dating Guru” advice, that gives you silly lines to ‘copy and paste’)
  • We will systematically destroy your emotional attachment to texting.
  • Removing that voice in your mind which always questions “Have I Used The Right Words”
  • Our exclusive, never before documented system to getting flaky ‘Maybe Girls’ to finally commit to a date… rather than always *rescheduling*
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Here’s A Quick Spoiler Of How Simple Our One-Text-Date Formula Is…

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Mastering The Sequence Of A Perfect Date

(1)  Planning The Date And Location

  • Create unique dates that she’s not experienced before
  • Planning your locations for the most seductive atmosphere


(2)  The First 30 Minutes: Make Or Break

  • Frames To introduce
  • Seeds to plant
  • Building Deeper rapport and comfort
  • Making kino ‘normal’

(3)  Leading To Seduction

  • Changing your body language and eye contact
  • 3 Conversation formulas that turn girls ON
  • Recognizing the right time to start pulling her back to your place

(4) Comfort Until The Sex

  • Keeping her mind occupied as you take her home
  • Setting your home up with no distractions
    (Get her straight to the bedroom)
  • The perfect *moves* if she isn’t quite ready to get naked with you.

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Q:  What Is Daygame?  Will It Work For ME?

Daygame Is the art of meeting ANY woman during the day, in any situation.
From introducing yourself. Having a fun and enjoyable conversation. Flirting. And inevitably dating any girl that you choose.

Daygame has it all. It is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle for guys who want abundance in dating as many, and any, women that they choose.


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This is impossible to answer. Everyone has their own definitions of success.

To give encouragement, let me tell you a quick story:

Exactly 9 days after my FIRST EVER Daygame cold approach, I took a hot Canadian red head on our second date (drinks and a game of pool). Soon after that I lead her back to my apartment, and got my first “notch”.
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