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7 tips from Daygame Australia

(Part 2 – Finally)

Gentlemen and… Gentlemen

I am glad you could join me here for part two of Daygame Australia’s  “7 Tips To Better Daygame” article

Without further adieu, let’s jump right into it!

5) ABC ‘Always Be Closing’

Ok this one is straight out of every sales book in the world… And it has transitioned over to Daygame.

But it is still good advice. ESPECIALLY if your still new to all of this Daygame stuff.

First, desensitisation.
If you go and do 100 push ups in the middle of the sidewalk, you’ll probably feel a bit nervous and silly as passers-by stare at you and have a laugh at your expense.

Your first few push ups will be shaky, with poor form… You may even smack your nose on the pavement.

But Its pretty likely that once you settle into the pattern, the trauma of doing something new in unfamiliar circumstances will start to fade from your existence.
By the end, you will probably be doing some pretty smooth one-handed push ups for the sake of it…

Whether your Daygame approach has gone smoothly or not, always try and take the girls number.

Propose getting a drink another time, and that you will take her number and send her a text some time.

I’ll let you in on a secret...

If a girl has not simply walked away from you after a few minutes, 90% of the time she will give you her number.
I’m not saying she actually wants to… She might be too polite to walk away.

But this also means it will be near impossible for her to repel the possible social awkwardness that saying ‘no’ will produce in her mind.

She may be happy once you’ve left her alone and never plan on texting you back… But at-least you have gotten some easy practice in smoothly transitioning to asking for, and taking a girls number.

At worst you will get comfortable with your ‘form’ when it comes to getting the girls number in a socially savvy way without any awkward tone to it.
That will be icing on the cake for when an approach goes superbly and the girl is dying to give you her number, but is just waiting for you to ask.


6) Yad Stop – Use it, just don’t rely on it.

Seasoned Daygamers know all about the power of the famous ‘Yad’ front Stop.

If you are still quite new to Daygame, I’ve got you covered:

A good example of the Yad-Stop in action on the streets.

Stopping from the front is the ‘traditional’ way of Daygaming.

But heed this advice:

Do NOT rely on it.

You see, I did.
I got too comfortable in only stopping from the front.
I disadvantaged myself.

How can you be an effective Daygamer if you only approach girls who are walking and have 2 meters of space in front of them for you to run into? It just doesn’t make sense.

Especially logically…

If you can do a looping run in-front of a girl, timing your distance and factoring in other people on the side-walk… Well you’ve covered the most ‘difficult’ way of stopping a girl – And yet, for a year and a half, it was the only way I would approach girls in the day.

Want to know what is even more simple?

Seeing a stationary girl texting or having a cigarette, walking up to her and opening her as normal. Just walking up in front of her. Rather than being an exercise freak and waiting for her to start walking so you can run a loop around her.

Not only that, but it will quickly open up more approaching options for you as well.

Girl standing still window shopping?

Check. Brush the side of her arm as you stand in front of her to open.

Girl in front of you in the grocery line?

Check. Touch her on the shoulder, stand side on and start having a conversation.
(Hint: get the number before either of you get start unloading your groceries. You don’t want to lose the girl)


7) Leverage your locations.

This tip relates to tip number 4 in part-one of this article, “planning your goals for the day.”

Are you going for a Same Day Lay?

– Well you will increase your chances by Daygaming within 30 minutes walking distance to your house.
– Make sure you know of at least 1 cool coffee place, and quiet bar in your area to take the girl to.

Are you looking to number farm

(Going out and getting a heap of new numbers to start texting)

– You need to go where there are MANY pretty girls to hit on.
– This will generally include your most populated downtown areas, train stations, tourist attractions
– Alternatively it might be the biggest shopping mall near you (Westfields, Miranda etc)

Maybe you are still quite new to Daygame and you want to start approaching a few girls

But you wish to avoid having many people around, ‘watching you’ (aka avoid the ‘spotlight effect’)

– Then you want places with smaller volume of people
– Areas that are a few blocks away from popular tourist spots
– Smaller stretches of streets around your city


So how do you pick which place is most appropriate for your goals?


Just head over to our locations section of the website and check out our reviews on different areas to Daygame around Australia (the list is growing slowly).


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this article, and would love to hear any and all feedback you may have.
Please feel encouraged to comment below.

With regards.

Daygame Australia



I can hear you asking me:

“Zac, What do I do with all these numbers I’m starting to get from my Daygame adventures?


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