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7 Pick-Up Tips From Daygame Australia

(Part 1 – ‘Cause shit’s long)

When you seek advice, everyone will give you vastly differing lists on what they feel is “most important”.

Most of them are wrong. But not this one.

This one comes from experience. Anyone who has Daygamed before will instantly connect with each point I make, and enthusiastically agree that working on and perfecting these areas of your Daygame approaches will drastically improve your results.


Ok, no dilly-dallying around today. Let’s get straight into this 2-part article:


1) Projecting confident body language.

Keep yourself calm and talk with a slow and deep voice.

Have you ever been at a restaurant or a bar where the waitress has dropped everything? Smashed plates, broken glass and food all over the floor (and maybe even some polonaise in her hair…)

What happened next?

One of two outcomes I bet…

She got embarrassed:

She looked around at everyone, apologised a lot, and acted quite flustered. You could sense her embarrassment building up. She started grabbing at everything in an awkward attempt to clean up.

You started to feel bad and embarrassed FOR HER.
It was painful to watch… and it didn’t get any better.


She laughed and even made a joke about it:

She then quickly apologised and confidently walked off to get a dustpan, broom and mop. She systematically cleaned it all up, easily and effectively.

You respected her professionalism and the rest of the day went on as normal.

The Point Is:

Girl’s sense how you are feeling. They can tell whether you are truly confident, or putting on a cocky show.

State transference is strong in Daygame Sets, and it is the person with the strongest frame (the alpha) who influences how the other feels.

Your goal is to have her feel comfortable with an underlying air of sexual tension as the set develops. Calmness comes from confidence. And my definition of confidence is ‘situational competence’

A slow voice comes hand in hand with being calm when you don’t feel any pressure to carry the conversation.

As for a deep voice, well that’s up to you to work on!


2) Always Start Direct And Sexualise Quickly

As an example:

‘This might sound a bit cheeky, but I thought you looked very pretty… So I had to come over and say hi’


This boils down to 2 reasons:


1: You are screening

– Why waste time if the girl is in a serious relationship and 100% won’t cheat.
– Why waste time if she is simply not attracted to you.
– Why waste time when you only have so much of it in your life.

2: Ramping Up Attraction.

The ONLY disadvantage I can think of by starting your approaches directly and sexualising quickly is making TOO MANY GIRLS attracted to you, too quickly.

Sucks right…

Just wait until you start seeing the primal reactions girls have to a sexual, dominant man who approaches them during the middle of the day.

Most importantly, watch out for the ‘eye spazz’. That moment when you’ve just disturbed her reality (Did a guy seriously just come over and call me sexy in the middle of the day?) and her pupils dilate like crazy… right there… in front of you.
They’ll barely be able to respond for the first minute.

That’s how shocked (and wet) she will be.


Making Girls Wet With Arousal

She will be about *this wet* when you follow these tips correctly

3) Slow Your Conversation Down

Stop worrying about the next thing to say.

You will be amazed at how much more comfortable your Daygame sets will instantly become once you remove the pressure to ‘continue the conversation’ from yourself.

There is a place and a time where you need to use your conversational tricks to steer towards a desired outcome. Be it into a rapport based conversation, a sexualised flirty conversation, or even to start testing the logistics of a girl.

But in between these steps, sit back, relax and focus purely on what the girl is actually saying to you. They ALWAYS give you enough topic to talk about, to digress from, to start a new topic with.

It’s all there in what they are saying to you… you’ve just got to start listening properly and you’ll never run out of conversation to make

Which leads me onto…


4) Plan your goals and desired outcomes for the day:

No matter what level of experience you have as a daygamer, the worst thing you can do is go out hunting without some type of goal.

For a newbie, it might include making 5 approaches of any kind for the day.
The Beginner may be looking to have a conversation for longer than 5 minutes.
The intermediate could aim for 3 new phone number, or an instant-date during the course of his Daygame.

Hell, the advanced guy might leave his phone at home, say ‘fuck it’ and go prowling for a Same Day Lay… And not quit until his dick gets wet.

In the end, no matter what stage you are at, the key is manifestation.

Decide on reasonable expectations and plan to achieve the goals with executable infield action.

You should be aiming to progress a little bit every day. Push the envelope so to speak. A wonderful thing will end up happening. Early on, you’ll have the occasional day where luck just goes your way and reward you for your hard work with some amazing result.

You may still be blindly stumbling through your approaches. Wracked with nerves. But you will open one absolute YES girl, who wants your bone deep inside her no matter what shit you say.

You will nervously take her number (and gain experience taking a girls number in the middle of the day, after having known her for 10 minutes)
Then come up with some super smart DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) text that you copied off of some silly pick-up forum.

Despite this lame text, the girl will still reply because she’s genuinely horny for you.

You’ll have your first awkward date that is nothing more than getting a drink and escalating (A far cry from your normal first date being dinner and a movie… But hey, you’re a player now. There’s no time for that traditional loser first date)

She will probably end up leading you back to your place, suggesting “we should grab a quick drink at your place… but just one drink, i need to get up early tomorrow for work”
This will get you extra excited and as soon as you sit down on your couch having bought over 2 beers to actually have a drink. She will jump on top of your crotch and start making out with you hard. Then you will get your first lay from Daygame (and 2 of your beers will go warm and be wasted…)


I’m not mocking.

That is what basically happened to me…


My first lay from Daygame came exactly 1 week, 2 days after my first ever cold, direct approach.

Basically everything above happened… I was just lucky the girl was extra horny and wanted me. She made most of it happen. (I actually had enough sense to bounce from the bar to my house, but she basically did the rest)


This concludes part one of my ‘7 Tips To Better Daygame’ article!

Part two is available here

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