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Different Daygame Skill Set and Experience Over Time

Different Daygame Seduction Skill –

Levels and Expectations

First of all, I’m aware that many, many people are new to Daygame (possibly yourself included?)

Maybe you stumbled upon it while watching prank videos on Youtube. Maybe you started googling ‘how to pick up girls’ and discovered Daygame that way. Or maybe you’ve been part of the scene for a long time.



What can individuals at all different stages of the Daygame spectrum (from novice to super-advanced god) expect from the journey tomorrow, or next week… even next year?

Let me provide a real quick breakdown (Because its super-hot as I write this… so i want to go to the beach for a swim and some Daygame)


1) Absolute Novice Daygame:


Information Overload:

You will get more and more intrigued with the idea of meeting hot girls any time of the day, anywhere. (And who could blame you, it’s great)

But there are so many books, videos, posts etc that can provide ‘one more excuse’ not to finally go out and take Daygame action

You CANNOT let that happen to you. Do NOT look for ‘one more technique’ or ‘that last pick up line’ before you finally give yourself *permission* to go out and start Daygaming

The most important thing RIGHT NOW is to listen and watch a few examples, understand the very basic structure of a Daygame interaction, then go outside and practice with the hot girls walking around.


2) Beginner Daygame:



Congratulations. You’ve done your first few approaches.

Lightning hasn’t struck you for stopping a girl that you don’t know in the middle of her day and talking to her.

You starting to realise that the Daygaming possibilities are endless and that all the results and stories from the more experienced Daygame guys you’ve watched and read about during the ‘absolute novice’ stage may just start to seem feasible to you one day.

But the excitement doesn’t stop here.

Just wait until you get your first number. And oh boy, you better watch out for the cocaine like adrenaline you are going to feel when you take a girl that you have just met 10 minutes ago on an instant – date.

And please be sure to watch out for what is likely the ultimate Daygame rush, where you have your very first thought of ‘trying to pull an SDL” (same day lay). It may not work this time logistically, but the mere fact you’ve gotten to this stage with a girl, where you could even CONSIDER an SDL is quite a phenomenal feeling

Your Daygame And Seduction Experience Level

Your banter and flirting is still a little low
Your rapport building skills are slowly but steadily increasing
Yet your anxiety is still a little bit too high.
Please don’t fret, with more experience comes the next Daygame level

3) Intermediate Daygame:


Sporadic Results:

Your balls are starting to drop. You are becoming a man. Well done.

You will start to notice your Daygame sets becoming more and more natural.

You will still follow the basic Daygame structure, but start branching off with your own stories and jokes that you know always get a good reaction.

Phone numbers ‘ain’t no thang’ anymore, you can go and farm 10 numbers in a 2 or 3 hour Daygame session pretty easily. (Though the flake rate may still be a bit too high for your liking)

If you keep hitting the streets enough, you will get laid on a semi-consistent basis. Maybe even have the odd hot streak, 2 or 3 girls in a week or something like this.

With your big Daygame balls, your sets become more sexual. Funnily enough, low and behold, with a spiked sexual undertone to your Daygame sets, you start really noticing the tell-tale ‘eye-spazz’ in girls who are genuinely attracted to you…
Who knows, you may find yourself getting your first ‘same day lay’ from Daygame sooner rather than later.


4) Advanced and ‘Super-Advanced God’ Daygame:


Understanding And Consistency:

A funny thing starts happening at this stage:

Daygame becomes a non-event.

‘Today I’m going to go and Daygame for 4 hours’ is no longer a sentence you ever say, nor even think to yourself.

You’ll be out doing some grocery shopping and start naturally talking to the girl who’s just standing there trying to find the biggest and curviest banana in amongst the pile (no metaphor, but I like your dirty mind)

Daygame is just a natural part of life now.

And with this, you finally kill off the feeling of Daygame being a ‘special tool’ to meeting women. Funnily, now that meeting women is just ‘meeting women’, not ‘go out and Daygame to meet women’, there is an elevated feeling of natural to your interactions (notice you no longer call them ‘sets’)

Suddenly you’re only getting 4 or 5 numbers a week…


They are all genuinely solid. They (generally) all reply.

The only place left to improve is on the actual date side. By now you’ve been on so many dates that your chances to continue the attraction (and not fuck up the seduction further along the line) are pretty high.

Sex is more of an eventuality rather than a fluke.

Congratulations, you’ve become the skilled Daygame seducer of women that your pimply faced, sock-loving 13 year-old self always dreamed of.



To get to the world conquering advanced and super-advanced Daygame God stage, you’ve been extremely committed for a long, long time.

That means you’ve created strong habits that you repeat near daily. You have learned to push through negative feelings and thoughts on your bad days and still take positive actions.

This is powerful. (If you allow it to be)

It can translate to other areas of life. (If you so choose)

If you haven’t been before, you may start going to the gym. It is roughly the same journey…
You start out with no clue. You research the best trainers out there, and be quite shit for a while. But you go 3 or 4 times a week… and one day within the next year, you smash a 300 lb. deadlift (and your body is looking all the more muscular as a result).

Maybe you start looking at fixing your finances, planning how to build a business which makes you money while you sleep.

Suddenly you are waking up at 7am, 6 days a week, working on creating your piece of financial freedom. Escaping the matrix, so to speak.

Whatever it is, the HABITS and ‘NEVER QUIT’ winning attitude that comes from your Daygame journey starts leaking into other areas of your life, making you a better all-round person because of it.

In Summary:

You have nothing to lose, but a whole different life to gain by either starting or continuing to move forward in your Daygame journey.

Good luck,

Daygame Australia

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