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Kino Touch And Rapid Physical Escalation In Daygame Pick Up

” It’s time to make like Olivia Newton-John and *GET PHYSICAL* with our kino touch escalation during Daygame pick up “

Kino Touch And Physical Escalation 

Within Daygame Pick Up:

A Definitive Guide

Today we explore the importance of kino touching and physical escalation in Daygame

Many past Daygame Australia emails have talked about kino touching and some of the finer points related to rapid physical escalation during a Daygame approach.

Now I Present To You A Definitive Guide About Kino Touch,
 Physical Escalation And It’s Necessity For Your Impending Daygame Success


I consider myself one of the most physically dominant Daygamers around…

At least from what I’ve seen

Kino touching makes sense for many reasons

First of all, we have kino’s usage in screening women. The overall goal of any Daygame approach is to meet and sleep with hot chicky babes of our choice as we see them strut their asses down the street. Logically, sleeping with a girl means we have to touch them. From caressing, to fondling, to inserting our pee-pee stick into her wet little swimming hole under her lingerie.

Therefore there needs to be a level of comfort between you and the fine lady.

That’s where rapid physical escalation and kino touching rears it’s beautiful head.

If you’re physically escalating from the very beginning of your Daygame approach, you are quickly ‘testing the waters’ of a woman’s initial comfort level around you.

We as Daygamers understand that there is a certain element of numbers game to Daygame approaching

So to kino touch a girl within the first 30 seconds of an approach, we start to identify where our latest victim falls on the ‘yes, maybe, no’ scale of sexual interest. If she shows complete comfort in you, a stranger that didn’t exist in her life but 30 seconds ago, physically escalating so early on into this budding relationship, then she is interested in you.

You’ve given yourself a chance

Your foot is in the door…

… So to speak…

And hey, if she finds your touch repulsive, at least you’re finding out now with almost no time invested

kino touch underwear on the floor

With kino touch and physical escalation we can quickly determine
whether we’ll be tossing a girl’s underwear onto the floor in the near future

 Next Up In Daygame Australia’s Case For Kino

Touch And Rapid Escalation Is Self-Enjoyment


Who doesn’t like looking at pretty girls?

Certainly you and I do

Now, while our eyes lack the ability to physically touch girls, our hands are ready made for the kino job!

Kino in Daygame creates an unnerving air of sexual tension. Famed Pick-Up Artist “60 years of challenge” has made based his reputation off of quick physical escalation.

With good reason too.

The quicker you close the distance between yourself and your latest chicky babe, the quicker an underlying air of sexual tension develops. It is literally thousands of years of natural biology at work. The greatest way to experience the effect of physical escalation is to Daygame girls who speak little to no English. Using nothing more than a rough phone translator and escalating kino touch, you can build the same sexual tension in these foreign girls without much verbiage at all.

Previous scientific testing has well and truly established that body language communicates more than 70% of our message in any conversation.

It’s the reason you get *a gut feeling* about someone, often contrary to the actual words they say.


It stands to reasonable logical sense that body language is of considerable importance within our Daygame approaches.

You can tell a girl that she is the most beautiful specimen you’ve seen all month. However, if your sub-communications don’t back this statement up, she’s going to sense a disconnect between truth and reality.

A man who’s attracted to a woman sexually invariable wants to touch her

That’s part and parcel of the whole sex game

And if it isn’t… you’re doing it ALL WRONG

So at a most basic level:  Being attracted = wanting to touch

If you’re not kino touching a girl from the beginning, you’re displaying that disconnect between your 30% verbal communication and your 70% sub-communication

Something smells off in the air

And it’s not just your B.O.

Girls are great at picking up on body language and she’s going to smell your nervousness from a mile away.

You Need To Kino Touch And Physically Escalate To Have Sex

You need to be comfortable kino touching a girl if
you plan to enjoy sexy-times with her later on…

(Kino) Touch Me Baby One More Time


You impress me.

You’ve taken action to remove your ‘women troubles’ in life and sought out Daygame as your *saving grace*.


Now you’re jumping in front of more women each day than you’ve ever done previously in your life.

Daygame is exhilarating.

The conversations are fun. The girls are smokin’ hot. They’re showing interest in you. A few phone numbers are leaking into your phone. And you’re now on the verge of a drinking problem because of all the dates you’re starting to go on.


There is more to it…


You Can ‘Super-Sexualize’ Your Daygame Sets!


Super sexualizing your Daygame approaches is going to make like N.A.S.A. and skyrocket your sex-cess results rapidly.

And now the question begs, “Zac – How can I ‘super-sexualize’ my Daygame approaches?”

Well, you’re a smart dude. You’re here reading this kino touch information after all. So I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume you’ve guessed the answer is more kino touching!

That’s what this whole kino touching guide is about, anyways.


We are going to break down the nitty-gritty in-the-Daygame-trenches examples of kino touching throughout Daygame sets.


The Beauty Is That Kino Touch Comes In Many Varying Forms


All of which you can slowly introduce and utilize throughout each and every Daygame approach.

So let us begin our kino touch road trip of techniques:

The easiest and most casual kino touching technique is the light touches to a girl’s arms and shoulder area.

If you’ve executed the initial approach correctly, you should be standing pretty close to the poor damsel in distress. Not close enough to be having sex right there on the footpath, but close enough to be inside her personal ‘comfort zone’. Already we are ramping up that underlying sexual tension that naturally exists between men and women.

From this distance, casual kino touches to her arms and shoulders are very simple.

You work these touches into your conversation naturally.

As I tell a girl she looked ‘relaxed’, walking with her ‘head up in the clouds’, I will with one hand point to the sky, while the other hand lightly kino touches her shoulder in a way to suggest she should *look where I’m pointing*.



Sweet, moving on…

Our Next Destination On The Kino Touch And
Physical Escalation Road Trip Is Physical Objects


Here we take notice of any ‘peacocking’ items the girl may be wearing to show herself off. Keep a sniper-like lookout for interesting earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, piercings and any number of other ‘show off’ items a girl may have on display.

My favourite items to tease a girl about are earrings and bracelets.

Casual kino touching is made easy with these items.

Make some kind of comment about the item in question. Maybe you like them. Maybe they look like something her great-Grandmother handed down to her. The item might make her ‘look like a hippy’ or a ‘spy’.


The point is giving yourself an excuse to move closer to her and kino touch these items in a playful way.

From here it’s easy to make some light hearted banter which is an essential ingredient in the Daygame pie.

If it is an earring that you’ve identified with all your wisdom, be sure to make a point of slowly moving her hair from her ear so you can ‘get a better look’. All the while inching close to her body.

When moving her hair, don’t be afraid to give it an ever-so-slight tug. Not enough to hurt her, but enough for her to notice. If she changes expression at all, stare into her eyes and exclaim, “Oh, I can see you liked that”, with a sly grin painted across your face.

Now that’s sexual!

With bracelets, you have the perfect opportunity to take her hand in yours and ramp up the kino touching as you examine the jewelry. You can twist and turn her hand so you see the whole thing. If she’s wearing any rings, you can easily transition onto these items to extend the kino touching and mutual hand holding.

Remember that 60 years of challenge states that a girl can fake attraction all day long. But she can’t hold the hand of someone she isn’t attracted to for an extended period of time.

Ergo, this form of kino touch is a fantastic *acid test* for a girl’s true sexual interest level in you – the majestic Daygamer.

Moving on…

One of the final stops on our kino-touch road trip is tattoos.

Kino Touch And Physically Escalate On These Girl Items

Look out for these physical ‘show off’ items girls like to wear.
They make for a great excuse to kino touch and physically escalate

Kino Touching These Landmarks During Daygame Approaches
Requires A High Level Of Social Calibration


There is a degree of acceptable touching that relies on the location of a girl’s tattoo.

If it lies on the same areas what we have kino touched before then you are golden. Places like shoulders, forearms, wrists and fingers. Locations like the neck, thighs and back take a little more social-savvy to touch. I generally look for verbal compliance before touching in these areas. If the girl has a tattoo on the middle or top of her back, this is one of the most sexual kino spots I have found to touch during the initial Daygame approach. There’s something God-like powerful about sensually sliding your hand over a girls back and neck who you’ve met not 10 minutes ago.

If she has tattoos on her legs or thighs, I usually save those for later.

Tattoos here are the perfect location to start amping up your physical escalation and kino touching when you are on a coffee or drinks date with the girl.

To slowly caress her tattoos on an area starting to get close to her pussy is an incredible panty-wetting kino touch technique. It is best saved for when you know you are going to pull the trigger and try to have sex with the girl very soon.




We’ve reached the end of the track on our kino-touch road trip

It is only fitting I leave you with the final piece of the puzzle.

I have covered most every incidental kino touch and physical escalation technique that you can quickly incorporate into your upcoming Daygame approaches.

Luckily for you there is still a few more kino touching techniques of mine that need espousing upon you:

And the best part?

Not even many Daygamers do this one!

(Incredibly as well because it is the very best way to start the heavy physical kino escalation)

Ready for the secret?

Well stay tuned, we will reveal it all after this commercial break…

… not funny?

… I thought it was…

Anyhow, continuing on


Kino Touch Whilst Walking And Leading:


The initial Daygame approach, is in the most part, a stationary exercise. So is the date if you’re taking the sexy senorita for a seated drink somewhere.

But what about the walking in between?

Why would you suddenly stop touching her throughout the transition between different locations?

Maybe you are taking the girl right from the street to a coffee store for an instant date. Or you’ve met the chicky babe for your first ‘date’ and have to lead her to a nearby bar.

Either way, it doesn’t make sense to ruin the precedence of ‘always touching her’ that you’ve set previously by suddenly not touching her while you two walk together.

It’s simple as well

In fact, it’s even easier. You can use the crowd of people around you as an excuse to ramp up your kino touching.

I love weaving a girl in and out of crowded footpaths. Not only does it show your decisiveness in leading, but I can start to touch her lower back and upper part of her ass as I direct her through the traffic.

Now it’s time to break the law!


I love it. And you should too.

If you know your city and its traffic lights well, you should know when you can cross the street safely. Even if you don’t have the ‘green light’ that tells the rest of society that it’s safe.

I prep the girl with “are you ready to break the law” – insert a great big smile here.

Then I grab her by the hand and lead her into oncoming traffic.


Not really…

We safely cross the road while the rest of the sheep stand back in shock and awe.

Best of all?

We’re holding hands again.

Picking up our kino touch techniques right where we left off from during the initial Daygame approach.

I can promise you guys that this is powerful, panty-flooding stuff.


While walking, don’t be afraid to playfully *bump* a girl. Give her a light shoulder barge whenever you say a joke.

She’ll start to reciprocate. This continues to build up her ‘permission’ to touch you as well.


The horny handshake.

More about that kino touch technique here

Kino Touching A Girl's Tattoos And Caressing Her Hand Daygame

This is roughly how I hold a girl’s hand after our “Horny Handshake” physical escalation.
We best leave the kino touching of a girl’s thigh tattoo’s until we are close to having sex with her

Setting Precedence With Kino Touch

And Physical Escalation


Immediate Kino touching creates comfort

We touched on this topic earlier

There is reason behind the madness of me priding myself in being a Daygamer who implements physical kino touch principles as quickly as possible.

It’s not just fun and games to me…

… Well it kind of is…

It’s not just because I like touching sexy looking women…

… Well it kind of is that as well…

And it’s not just because it stands out as something completely unique and attractive in the poor girl’s mind…

… Actually it kind of is for this reason as well…


I guess there are a plethora of reasons for physical kino touch


We’re going to touch on another reason. (Yeppers, that pun was intended)



One Of The Greatest Weapons In A Daygamers Toolbox…


What you do and how you act from the VERY BEGINNING of a Daygame approach sets the stage for the rest of your relationship with the chicky babe.

It’s why we here at Daygame Australia preach being yourself in most ways possible during Daygame. Simply because that is the easiest image to live up to every single day of your life.

By kino touching a girl from the very beginning of the Daygame approach and continuing to do it regularly throughout – you set the precedence of being ‘the guy who touches a lot’. It’s who you are. It doesn’t even seem like a conscious ploy on your part. It’s just *how* you interact with people.

Why is this frame so powerful to introduce into your Daygame approaches?

Because it weirds girls (and anyone in general) out when you start acting against past precedence’s you have set.

Say you are the fat, nerdy computer dude playing all the latest fantasy online games throughout high school. It’s going to stand out as extremely suspicious if one day you show up looking to be the striker on the school soccer team.

And so it is with Daygame

If you wait too long before you start introducing physical kino touching into the Daygame set, it will come off as foreign and uncalibrated once you start…

Suddenly after 10 minutes, half way through a conversation, you reach over and start petting her shoulder???

Dude… weird

Take it from me

You’re never at a loss to be touching a girl.

You’re never at a loss being the guy who ‘always touches the girl’.

It will only ever be your ally in the dance of seduction.



Your Boy Zac Has Gone Done You A Solid Today!

This is a near-complete breakdown of kino touch and general physical escalation during Daygame pick up and beyond.

We have covered many nuances

Starting with the reasons why you need to implement rapid kino touch into your Daygame. To actual physical examples of kino touch and how it should look within a Daygame approach. We have even included the mindsets behind kino touch. Finally we have exposed the fantastically selfish reasons you should be implementing kino touch from the very beginning of your Daygame approaches and into later dates.

Kino touch is one of, if not the, best ways to rapidly attract a lustful woman and multiply the sexual tension within her

Together we have come to understand that our body language is accountable for greater than 70% of our overall communication with another human being person thingy.

This leads to the logical conclusion that kino touch and physical escalation is one of the most important factors for us budding Daygamers. This conclusion means we must slowly master kino touch within our own Daygame approaches and dates with the sexy ladies with whom we plan to bed.

We have realized that while it is for our own selfish pleasure to touch and caress a beautiful woman…

… It is them that secretly enjoy and die for such bold attention from masculine, direct, sexual men like ourselves…

Not only are we doing ourselves a favour, we are doing it just as much for women as well


There Is No Shame In Kino Touch And Rapid Physical Escalation


It will quickly become glaringly obvious whether a new woman is receptive to our kino touch. From here we can soon make our decision whether she is genuinely attracted to us. Or alternatively if she wants us to go and die in a hole somewhere – as long as we aren’t bothering her.

To physically escalate with our kino touch is to save both us and the women precious time in our life.

No longer do we have to guess whether we are wasting each other’s finite time on earth.

Now we have a foolproof system to determine whether we should continue to pursue our latest victim from Daygame cold approach

I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to invest in reading this article on kino touch and physical escalation

You have done not only yourself, but the future women you Daygame, a fantastic service.

What’s left now is for you take the actionable advice written above and apply it live infield, in front of the beautiful women of your choosing

Without further ado, get out there and ramp up your kino touch physical escalation techniques!



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