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Rapid Attraction When You’re Short On Time

I’m a busy dude.

I’m sure most of you guys are as well.

That means when I’m out and about doing my work, but see an attractive girl that I can’t help but approach, I will occasionally be pressed for time.

Let me tell you something about myself:

I do NOT mass approach anymore.

I’m sure it would be different if I were to go travelling overseas and didn’t have my connections and harem that I have currently.

But in general, this mass Daygame approaching is more for guys who are either quite new to Daygame and looking to gain experience in approaching, or intermediate guys that still need 5-10 numbers each Daygame session because most of their girls are still flaking on them.

(Hey, that’s ok. I’ve been there as well in the past)

But lately I’ve found myself struggling to get through 5 whole approaches in an entire Daygame session.
Why? I hear you ask.

Because I go for lengthier, increasingly solid approaches.

For example:

Last Sunday (as of this articles post date) I hit the streets for a 3 hour Daygame session. I got 5 numbers. 4 approaches went on for 10+ minutes of conversation. While 1 approach was about 5 minutes in total.

All 4 of the longer approaches replied and have shown considerable interest in meeting up.

But the girl from the 5 minute approach was a flake.

When Girl Flakes On Text Message

She was a flake, like corn.

Nowadays I will ideally aim for 10-15 minute approaches, were I can introduce some basic kino and inject a few sexual spikes into the conversation. These are strong tests for the girl, and for her to reply to my first text is a VERY positive indication that she’s up for some *horizontal fun*

BUT – As I have hinted above, sometimes there just isn’t time for longer approaches.

What do you do then?

The answer?

Here you go:

You escalate your kino and sexual spikes as much as you can in the short time frame. Where you may normally warm her up with light touches on the arm or shoulder, now you will hold your hand there for 3 or 4 seconds and slowly brush down her arm a little bit, even move onto the lower hip.
Your sexual spikes will be more aggressive.
You will also hold that strong eye contact for a few extra seconds… Really letting the sexual energy build up.

You will end the approach with a much stronger direct close, for extra screening purposes:

“Well (girls name), as I said earlier, I think you are very sexy and I’d like to invite you for a drink sometime”


The Pro’s of this approach:

  • You are STRAIGHT to the point.
  • The girl knows EXACTLY what is up if she gives you her number.
  • This form of Daygame approach heavily screens and ‘pre-selects’ the girl.
  • If she replies to your first text, you’ve got a heavily ‘qualified’ girl.
  • This approach saves you time with your approaches being shorter.
  • This type of approach will ‘train’ you to really cut out the fluff of your approaches. Though It might take a while to calibrate your rapid escalation for the first few approaches.


However, there are some Con’s that you must consider:

  • You will lose more ‘maybe’ girls, simply because she isn’t ready for your rapid pacing and leading. Whereas a longer, slightly less aggressive approach would have been more ‘comfortable’ for her to say yes to a future date.
  • There will be an increased possibility of the girl getting ‘buyer’s remorse’ after the approach. While it was fun and exciting at the time, she thinks back and realises there wasn’t any rapport or comfort (“connection” in girl lingo) between you two. “Who the hell was that dude?” – she will ask herself.


Recommendations from a PRO:

When you are comfortable in your dating life and have many leads going into the future, it is well worth dedicating a few weeks of Daygame approaching to one goal only: Escalating both physically and verbally as quick as you can. Getting the number and leaving within 4-6 minutes.

Even if you are not short on time now, there will come a day when a pornstar-esque looking busty goddess is walking past you on the street. Yet sadly you will only have 7 minutes before your next work meeting or university lecture, or whatever else excuse.

This is where it will truly pay off to have this particular Daygame approach skill-set mastered in order to give yourself the best chance of getting her out on a date and further seducing her at a later time.
I hope you enjoyed these quick tips to building rapid attraction,




Just a quick follow up to this post:

Remember above how I said that the one girl who I approached for only 5 minutes didn’t respond?
Well guess who texted me not 2 minutes after I finished writing this blog article!

How To Text Girls

My first message

My opening message was a fun ‘throwback’ to our conversation. Obviously I made it sexual, although somehow it was SHE who worked in the topic of snail fisting videos during the conversation.

I thought she was a sure thing.

But alas, no reply… Until now:

How To Text Girls Properly

Good Signs!

She is extremely ‘qualified’ at this point

When we do meet up, “It’s on like donkey kong”

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