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Hot Colombian Girl Daygame Pick-Up

Complete analysis and breakdown of Daygame techniques throughout this infield approach

The Low Down:

I remember this gorgeous Colombian girl as though it were yesterday


One joy of Sydney Daygame is the fantastic variety of nationalities that walk the streets on a daily basis.

I was having a drinks break from my Daygame session, relaxing on a chair and listening to music, as I saw this chick stare at me while she ‘salsa strutted’ her way down the street.

Unable to resist such temptation, I ran after her, drink in hand, to stop her.

The Daygame approach was a fantastic example of sexualised pick-up. It was obvious from the start that she was a “yes” girl, which meant I had to do nothing more than relax and tease her in-between some comfort building

The beauty of Daygame in Sydney is the especially dense Colombian population. It would be a “battle royale” between Colombian and Brazillian girls for which South American nationality we here at Daygame Australia have approached the most.

And we’re definitely not complaining

These girls tend to love the direct Daygame approach and have little problem with sexual flirting right from the start.

I would love to hear any feedback and comments you may have. Feel free to voice your opinion below in the comment section.

Until next time,

I hope you have many successful Daygame sessions ahead!

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