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Circular Quay: Where The Tourists Gather


Circular Quay is an absolute hot-spot for Daygamers in Sydney.

The foot traffic is endless and the quality excellent.

You can barely walk from one side to the other without seeing a Daygamer in set along the way.
Especially given every tourist chick ‘needs’ a selfie with the Opera House, you have a consistently endless stream of international girls always walking by.

(Especially those sexy South American and European chicks)


Circular Quay Is Sydney’s Second Best Daygame Spot

It has endless foot traffic for many reasons:

  • Girls want selfies with the Opera House.
  • Girls walking through the nearby Botanic Gardens.
  • Grabbing an ice-cream before walking across the Harbour Bridge
  • Catching a ferry to the Northern Beaches.

The beauty of this location is the opportunities for girls to fill their day with mindless touristy activities.

Said Another Way:

“It is full of tourist girls who don’t have anyone else to do cool stuff with today. So it is time for them to go and get all their tourist photos for Facebook and Instagram.”

Ideal targets?

Hell Yeah

With endless coffee shops and bars close by, Circular Quay is one of the best locations to go for
instant dates (I-dates).

The Semantics;

You can’t go wrong with Daygaming this iconic Sydney location.

Monday to Friday:

  • All day long will be filled with tourists.
  • If Daygaming international girls is your goal, stick to weekday working hours.
    This will reduce the amount of Australian girls you approach


Saturday is zoo day:
(And I don’t mean Taronga.)

Daygaming in Circular quay on a Saturday does have a few disadvantages:

  • If you thought the foot traffic was plentiful during the week, watch out for Saturday.
    You will struggle to make a proper front stop with the lack of space.
  • Spotlight effect – If you are still new to Daygame, you have got to remember that you will be approaching around a big crowd.
  • Saturday is when all the families take the ferry to Taronga Zoo or the northern beaches.
    A huge part of the crowd is going to be families.


Sundays – Still the ideal time.
The ultimate combination of relaxed atmosphere and consistent tourist girl sets.

You are going to have more approach opportunities per hour in Circular Quay than most other areas on a Sunday, so take advantage.

Word To The Wise;

While Circular Quay is a fantastic Daygame location in Sydney… It does have downsides:

X Your logistics are poor. Unless you are staying in an apartment or hotel close-by.

X It is a 15 minute walk back into the city. Let alone any further to get a girl back to your bedroom.

X  Inevitably you will approach girls who have travelled by ferry. The battle of logistics is even harder if they live in the northern beaches.

Personally I Use Circular Quay For Number Farming.
Circular Quay will inevitably provide you with a higher ratio of ‘desired girls’ to approach, compared to other areas in Sydney..

(Pro Tip)
Daygame here and collect numbers by the ferry load.
Later, set up your dates in the heart of the city where your logistics to close the girl are stronger.

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If you’re new to Daygame – Circular Quay is a great place to start.

There are endless talking points if still struggle to make conversation.
(Opera House, Harbour bridge, Luna park across the water. The list goes on)

And as mentioned above, it is easy to ‘bounce the girl’ for an instant date:

“Hey I’ve got a spare 10 minutes before meeting a friend. Lets quickly grab a coffee and walk to the Opera House”


Finishing Touches;

Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay is Daygaming heaven for any type of girl you want to meet.

Quantity Of Desired Girls:        9/10
Quantity Of Australian Girls:    7/10
Ease To Daygame:                  9/10

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