Seductive Darling Harbour

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Daygame Pick-Up Women In Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

The Beautiful Girls Of Darling Harbour

More accurately dubbed “Daygame Harbour”.

Local Daygamers flock to this location as one of the prime Daygame spots in Sydney

Darling Harbour is one of Sydney’s big tourist attractions which simply means it has a high level of tourist foot traffic.

I don’t know about you, but pretty tourists girls are my main prey… so I make a point of Daygaming in Darling Harbour on as regular basis as possible

Girls of every continent to be found aimlessly wandering around Darling Harbour.
There is a plethora of tourist traps that attract them. From coffee shops to high end hotels and clubs, this place caters to all.

South American girls are of a premium with clubs and restaurants like Braza catering to these cultures throughout Darling Harbour.

Experienced local Daygamers will realise that there is a much more favorable demographic of European and South American girls walking through Darling Harbour on a regular basis.

This makes Darling Harbour one of a limited few golden spots within Sydney to consistently Daygame girls of premium cultures.

(Here at Daygame Australia, we define ideal target girls as South American or European… Though Eastern European are becoming our primary targets) 

Players visiting the city should be taking advantage of these limited golden gem Daygame locations, and rotate between these spots frequently. (Further location reviews are upcoming)


Darling harbour is in my top 5 locations to daygame for South American and European girls.


The Semantics;

Darling Harbour is undeniably one of Sydney’s top Daygame locations.


Monday to Friday – All daylight hours

These are ideal times to Daygame here.

Why? I’ll tell you why…

  • The majority of foot traffic will be tourists… the general public are caught up in their workaday world, grinding away until the 5pm quitting time. This leaves you with more space and time to Daygame, meet and attract the pretty girls strolling past.
  • From the start, you are increasing your likelihood of finding ‘yes’ girls and in turn, possible ‘same day lays’ (sdls)

You will also be exposing yourself to girls who, in the vast majority, are already ticking off parts of a true seducers check-list:


  •  Wandering around with little to do (waiting for an effortless Daygamer like yourself to sweep her off her feet)
  • Tourists looking for their own memorable Sydney adventure


Saturday –  The least effective day.

Personally I have started to avoid Daygaming Darling Harbour on a Saturday.

  • Weekends lend themselves to families.
  • There will be 5 times the normal foot traffic, but it will be a majority of parents with their kids.
  • This increased density disadvantages you, unless you’ve got extreme eagle eyes for spotting the occasional single  girl target within the crowd.
  • For readers new to Daygame, the spotlight effect is going to be strong on a Saturday.


Sunday – The lazy mans place to be.

For those of you with work or study commitments, during the week wont be a viable option to hit Darling Harbour for its Daygame opportunities.

This is where Sunday comes to your saviour.

Sydney is a fast paced city with consistent foot traffic. But Sunday is definitely its unofficial rest day.

Darling Harbour included.

The sets will be few and far between, but you can be sure that any hot chick out for a walk in the lazy sunlight is looking for anything (or anyone) exciting to do now that all her friends are at home nursing Saturday night’s hangovers.

Words To The Wise;

Darling Harbour has a few wonderful locations to quickly bounce girls for an instant date, be it coffee or alcohol – these are typically ideal circumstances for Daygamers. There are a number of good options, especially with bars that overlook the water.

Romantic views lead to romantic drinks. Romantic drinks lead to romantic bedroom adventures.

Advantageous is Darling Harbour’s close proximity to the city. If you have strong logistics close by, it is an easy location to bounce from and start leading back to your place to isolate the girls.

Finishing Touches;

Darling Harbour is a Daygamer’s international treasure chest right in the heart of Sydney.

We here at Daygame Australia find a much more favourable ratio of the girls we desire to approach (namely South American and European) in this spot. More-so than most other places around Sydney.

Well there you have it, that’s all there is to Daygaming in Darling Harbour.

Hit the streets and start picking-up, playa’s!

Quantity of Desirable girls:      8/10
Quantity of Australian girls:     6/10
Quantity of the Rest:                 6/10
Ease to Daygame :                     8/10

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