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3 Essential Frames I Introduce

During Each Daygame Seduction

(20th April, 2017 Email)

We have discussed the use of frames within Daygame quite frequently over our little email chats, haven’t we?

Well many of you cool dudes have been sending me email replies about the topic. I see you’re asking for specific explanations about the most common frames I SET during Daygame approaches.

Since I enjoy receiving and reading all your emails (please, feel genuinely free to shoot me an email whenever by replying to any of the daily Daygame emails I send), I thought I would address this common query.


Let’s hop right into the meat of it:


1) Adventurous

I want to frame the girl that I Daygame as adventurous, and have her agree to it.

In most cases, I approach tourist girls, so this frame is naturally an easy one to set. I just dig into her recent history of cool road trips and tourist shit she’s done. After 3 or 4 stories it is inevitable that the girl agrees with me when I say: “Wow, you’re quite the adventurous girl, aren’t you. I like that” (insert light kino touching here).

Bam, there you go. Frame number 1 easily introduced.

Let’s usher ourselves onwards:


2) Partier

Rarely will a girl agree to this frame initially. When a guy calls a girl a partier, they immediately think ‘drunk, easy slut’.

What I like to do while Daygaming is straight up ask the girl “so you are a heavy partier?”.

As I said, rarely will they agree to this frame. Although sometimes they will make your life easy and surprise me with a “Well, yes I kind of am” response.

Just don’t rely of that.

After (most) girls disagree, I start tearing into their stories of adventure and ask them where the best night life has been so far. I follow up by asking them to compare this nightlife to what they experience back in their home country.

For most girls, this leads into a 5 minute rant about how much better partying is back in their country. (Australia has laws which means you HAVE to be in the clubs by like 12am. You can’t get in after.)

I finally follow up requesting them to tell me a story of one of their crazier nights out back in their home country.

What have I just done?

I’ve created 3 different moments where they have confirmed that they are partiers throughout their stories. With the power of the ‘consistency principle’ on my side, it is impossible for them NOT to agree with me when I finally state: “Damn girl, I guess you are kind of a partier”.

Ok, moving onto numero tres:


3) Spontaneous

This one is a bit harder to communicate. It first takes some reciprocity with a story of my own before the girl both understands what I mean, and feels comfortable agreeing.

For this, I reminisce about my working holiday in Canada. I tell an elaborate story about how I wanted to have more ‘spontaneous, thrilling’ adventures while I was away from my friends and family.

From here I explain to the girl how I decided to imitate that movie “Yes man”. I made it a personal rule to say “yes” to everything (within reason) that people asked of me and offered to me, while I was on holiday.

This is where I go on to tell some crazy party stories. Random adventures in nature. And having some sexy times in the most risky of public places.

Of course, this all ends with me prepping the girl for an example or two of similar tales from her own travel life.

Once she has shared her own stories, I can verbally confirm the frame that she is indeed a ‘spontaneous, exciting chick’.


The final question I hear you ask is:

“Zac, why do you introduce these specific 3 frames into your Daygame adventures?”

Answered simply, I genuinely believe these are the 3 most important frames any Daygamer can place upon a girl to prepare her for fast sex. Whether it is the same day of meeting, at the end of date 1, or at the most extreme end – at the end of date 2.

When I look back over most of my successful Daygame approaches, the ones that ended in me enjoying sexy-times with the pretty girl – they all, or mostly, included me establishing these 3 vital frames within the initial approach. You must re-introduce them during any subsequent dates as well.

Soon I will be uploading another of my approaches to YouTube.

It will be a FULL, UNEDITED Daygame Same Day lay – from the beginning of the Daygame approach, all the way to the sex sounds back in my bedroom.

I will be marking the points in the video where I introduce all 3 of these essential frames. And many more techniques I used along the way).

Until then, here is a Daygame approach of a hot, busty Norwegian blonde who I slept with after just 1 hour of date 1.

I only introduced 2 of the above frames during this approach, but she was such a “yes” girl that missing 1 of the frames didn’t matter in this case.

Learn here:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow,



Daygame Australia


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