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A Warm-Up Each Day Keeps

The Daygame Anxiety Away!!

(21st March, 2017 Email)

I used to bang a Chinese girl on a regular basis.

This was very early on into my Daygame career and I’ll admit, I didn’t even approach this girl.

She approached me (SHOCK – a girl Daygameed me!).

I was standing around my university one day, half Daygaming, half waiting to sell a text-book, when she came over and started talking to me about the book I was holding. This naturally led to us getting a coffee, and 10 minutes later I left with her number.

Our first date went swimmingly, a drink at a quiet little watering-hole, followed by a bottle of wine in park, under the moonlight and stars.

We made out heavily and I’d suggested going back to her place ‘quickly, so you can show me that painting in your room you told me about earlier’

She obliged.

We did it. Twice.

From that moment on, we’d meet up most weekends to grind uglies and release our sexual tension.

And I’d cum in her mouth a heap. Good times.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit she wasn’t the hottest chick in the world. She wasn’t ugly or anything, just not a girl you’re going to turn you head for and check out a second time when you walk past her on the street. But hey, I wasn’t at a stage with my Daygame where I was getting consistent new pulls. So this was a nice ‘guaranteed nut’ every other week.

More importantly, it allowed me to consistently practice my sex game.

I got to try every position I’d read about. A few I’d seen in porn. And generally get to practice some different techniques: fingering, breathing, fast-stroking, the list goes on.

What did this practice, or ‘warm up’ for hotter girls allow?

Well, nowadays I’d be happy to brag about what girls have said to me during pillow-talk afterwards, but this ain’t no ‘cosmopolitan’ magazine.

Today’s Daygame point is:

Practice makes perfect. And ‘warming-up’ will do you a world of good when it is ‘show time’.

When you go out for a Daygame session, don’t make life hard on yourself, especially if you are still new to it all.

Warm up with some acceptable Daygame approaches at first if you need to

Charity workers are fantastic, they are paid to stop and talk to you.

Store workers are the same.

Street buskers always enjoy a quick and friendly chat between their performances.

Heck, throw a few dollars in a homeless guys hat, and dig into his life-story for a few minutes.

These are all easy warm-ups to get you in the mood for the real thing. The big deal. Daygame approaching the real hot girls.

Would you like to hear what a perfect Daygame approach sounds like? One that comes ever so naturally after you have ‘warmed up’ properly. Where you are just ‘on point’ and everything goes your way.

Well you’re in luck, ’cause I have recorded a perfect Daygame example for you to not only listen to, but learn from minute-by-minute analysis of the approach:


Daygame Infield And Analysis


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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