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A Woman’s Secret Definition Of ‘TRUST’ (And How To Unfairly Sway It In Your Favour)

(04th October, 2017 Email)

Goddamit I’ve been pondering this little gem for a few weeks now

And finally I feel confident in presenting the information to you cool Daygame dudez in a logical way that you can implement immediately in your relationships with women

In today’s Daygame Australia email, we dissect the meaning of the word ‘trust’… from a woman’s unconscious state of mind

It’s a stealth little tactic that’s going to serve you for the rest of your life once you understand it

With this information, you will be able to get away with almost anything in your life

(Even the evil fetishes you may have, like excessively cheating on your girlfriend)


Let’s sink our teeth right into the meat of today’s Daygame email on trust


What is ‘trust’?

In its simplest form, trust is a woman believing you.

Believing what you say. Believing that you’re doing what you’re doing. Overall, feeling that you’re being transparent with you

From an emotional standpoint, that’s all well and good

So why do women stop ‘trusting’ you?

Well, they’ll tell you it is just a *feeling* that they suddenly get

And, in a way, the simplistic logic sprouting from those cute little hollow heads of theirs is generally correct


They’ve merely scratched the surface

They don’t have a logical understanding of their emotional answer

Let’s break it down logically


Off the top of my head, a classic example of men cheating in the big time Hollywood movies, would be on a mysterious ‘business meeting’. You know the drill. The man comes home to his wife after a sensual horizontal romp in a cheap hotel located on the outskirts of town. The wife is slightly curious and barely accepts the classic ‘business meeting’ excuse

This is the first marker of suspicion

And then the audience witnesses an hour of private investigators, tracking the husband, and eventually catching him red handed



So what tipped the housewife off that the trust had been broken?


It was an outlier circumstance…

What does this analogy highlight about trust and its position in our real-world lives?

From a logical level, trust is built up from routine, precedence, and expectation.

In that order

When you first start dating a girl, you have a routine. First you text her a few days after meeting. She replies. 2 or 3 hours later, you respond. You may not always leave such gaps in your texting, but it is more common than not. So now, your routine is setting a precedence. She now knows what to expect from you in regards to texting

Over time this becomes her expectation. 6 months down the line, she knows to message you in the morning if she wants to plan a dinner that night with you. It’s a necessity. You take ‘forever’ to respond, so she must allow for this factor.


So, when does this girlfriend of yours start hacking your phone and going through your WhatsApp messages trying to find the *dirty skank* that you’re seeing on the side?

She starts searching when you suddenly start replying to her messages within 2, 3, 5, 10 minutes

For no reason at all, out of the blue, you’ve broken a well-established precedent

The last 6 months has built up an expectation in her mind. Something she has accepted at face value, because she had no prior knowledge of your texting patterns before meeting you.

Yet, now you’re suddenly tearing away at all comfort and accepted norms by responding quickly

Her little mind rationalises that *something* has happened in the last few days

She doesn’t know what. She just knows SOMETHING happened

It might not seem a big deal to you, but this little incongruence of yours plays on her mind. Her mind wanders around in circles as she ponders what has changed. And a girl’s natural tendency is to expect the worst. Without any proof of the matter, nor logical reasoning, she jumps to the thought of you cheating. Hence why she has hacked into your phone and looked at your messages

And it was all because you replied too quickly

You broke your precedence

Your routine changed


There’s parallels between this texting monologue and the example of a classic Hollywood affair above

The dude in the movie changed his well-established routine as well. Albeit just once. Just like you did with your texting


On a logical level, trust is establishing and executing a set routine day in and day out

If our Hollywood friend had established the precedent of a ‘business trip’ once every month or two from the very beginning of his relationship, he would have had no problem. Even if he merely went to a pub and drank with some strangers for a few hours each time. By the time his sordid affair came along, he would have had a precedent set up and ready to go as his excuse. There would have been no suspicion from his wife

Same goes with the texting

If you had just replied super quickly once every 3 or 4 days to a message or two, you would have been fine. Your girlfriend’s emotional alarm wouldn’t have sounded. She wouldn’t have checked your phone


It might take some fore-planning, but with this logical definition of trust, we can better plan our actions, routines and patterns to suit our needs going forward. Not just in our relationships with women, but people in general

Here’s some more cool stuff about setting expectations that help us get laid more:


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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