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Daygame Apocalypse Now

(23rd March, 2017 Email)

I remember not 1 year ago when I first started weightlifting just how much I HATED the military press.

It was the bane of my existence.

I remember long sweaty session of pain and tears trying to get that stupid barbell above my head… often JUST the barbell as well.

Putting weight on that thing? Forget about it.

It sucked.

But then something amazing happened.

I put 2.5kg plates on either end, and didn’t die. In fact, I still pushed out a few reps.

And a lot more tears…

Turns out the military press sucked even more when additional weight was included.

Fast-forward one year of embarrassing gym moments, failed reps, tears that would fill the Pacific Ocean, and euphoric ‘world-cup winning’ celebrations whenever I hit a new weight’s reps… Well here I am.

Yesterday I hit 3 sets of 5 reps at 70kg.

That’s nothing of astounding proportions to a consistent lifter, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either.

And what happens nowadays when I do my warm-ups? Well it’s quite simple, I start at 47.5kg. That’s a far cry from the old days of me throwing a tantrum over a measly 25kg. Let alone just the barbell itself. The barbell no longer fazes me, in fact, I’d be willing to bet I could press it all day long, one-handed.

(That last bit was slight hyperbole on my part)

But it does bring forth an interesting psychological principle, called contrast (which of course, we can utilise in Daygame).

Why is it that one year ago, pressing a barbell seemed impossible, but nowadays I fight my way through a 70kg press… while a single barbell is child’s-play?

It’s because I’ve pushed myself harder and further every single time I attempted the exercise. My muscles adapted, so did my mind.

This very same contrast principle is one of the most valuable tools in a Daygamer’s box of tricks.

Anxiety experienced in Daygame comes from the unknown.

You not knowing how the girl is going to react to your Daygame approach. Not knowing if this new type of approach will stop her effectively. Not knowing if she is super busy and going to brush past you. Not knowing if your new Daygame opener is too direct and going to scare her off.

Thankfully, a fast-track tip to overcoming these Daygame anxieties lies in the contrast principle.

If you take something to the absolute extreme end of the spectrum, even if it’s just once or twice, you will significantly push your boundary of comfort. Therefore you will be reducing the anxiety that goes along with it.

Take the famed apocalypse opener as an example:

It’s premise is to have you utilise just 3 sentences before you ask the girl to come home with you.

“Hi, how are you?”,
“I thought you looked really cute and wanted to come over. What are you up to later?”,
“Would you like to come home with me?”

Extreme? Yes in-deed-y

Successful? Minimally (but never discredit the possibility of it happening every now and then – Daygame is funny like that).

Important? You bet-cha

If you can overcome the grand anxiety that comes with opening like this, and I mean *properly* opening like this. No half-smirks or tonal inflections, or ‘I’m just kidding’ half way through. I mean absolutely stone-cold serious. As in, you’ve just delivered that line, then you’re staring the girls down psychopath-like until she crumbles and responds.

Well then you’ve just pushed your Daygame comfort boundary sooooooo far forward. That is the beauty of the contrast principle – no longer will approaching and saying:

“I thought you looked cute, so I wanted to say hi” seem impossible.

Neither will asking for her number at the end of an approach.

Nor offering to take her on an instant-date right there and then.

The contrast principle, you should love it!

Now let me use it:

In the past, I would only offer Daygame coaching for $5,000 per weekend boot camp.

Now it’s only $350

What a steal (and a beautiful example of contrast in marketing),


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia.

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