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Cristiano Ronaldo Teaches You

A Daygame 101 Lesson

(15th March, 2017 Email)

The world’s most famous Football (or soccer for some) player is relentless.

I don’t know about you, but it seems he’s forgotten that he has teammates. He will take a shot at goal any opportunity he gets. It makes no difference whether he is 6 yards from goal, or 30.

Even with teammates in a better position, he rarely uses them as an excuse not to shoot himself.

For me, there are two ways of looking at this…

One angle being of frustration. If he’d just give it up occasionally and look to set up teammates in a better position, he would probably help out his team on more occasions…

But on the other hand, this would have led to far less goals in his record breaking career thus far.

The second angle is one of admiration.

His ‘never say never’ attitude is one of inspiration. Sure, he shoots more time in a game than I shower in a month… but he’s also got world records to show for it.

A quick look over his YouTube videos will show you goals of sometimes unimaginable quality.

Hell, I believe he currently has one of the worst ‘free-kick-to-goal ratios’ in the Spanish league… But all I can remember is the absolute world-class free kicks that he DID succeed in scoring.


We should all be taking inspiration from this lesson from Ronaldo

Daygame is, after all, a numbers game. The more girls you approach, the quicker you will find girls who are genuinely attracted to you. The more girls you Daygame approach, the quicker you will hone your conversation skills which will help create attraction during your future approaches.

And heck, if you were to pass the responsibility of scoring the goal (well, in our case, approaching the women) to your wing-man… it may just be him that gets to enjoy the record-making story of stopping and seducing the catwalk-model. Not you.

So I want to use today’s email as a reminder of a basic Daygame 101 rule:

Approach as much as you can. Be unapologetic in your endless Daygame approaches. Don’t pass the responsibility onto your wing-man to pick up the hot chick walking down the street.

Make your own memorable stories happen, with plenty of action.

As always, if you feel like you need a little extra ‘push’ to get out there and constantly take shots at goal, I’d be more than willing to help




See you tomorrow

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