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How To [Old Skool] “DHV”

Your Way Towards Sex

(14th September, 2017 Email)

Your boy Zaccy was out hitting the streets to Daygame some gyrating Giraffes and kinky Koalas yesterday

And after one particular set with a little Italian chicka, I finally realized a subconscious little psychological trick I tend to play on girls

A psychological trick that revs their engine and starts to flood their motor, so to speak…


This cutie pie was from the city of Venice

A romantic getaway where boats replace cars

(Yes – ‘road head’ in Venice is on ol’ Zaccy’s lifetime bucket list)


As I got lost in her eyes while she talked of Venice, I caught a break in the conversation to tell her some facts about the city that she didn’t even know

Following on, I espoused how I’d once dated a chick from Naples. And that there seems to be a fierce rivalry between the Northern and Southern parts of Italy. I told this beautiful gem how I am led to believe that girl’s from the North are all good ‘daddies girls’ and don’t like to work hard or get their hands dirty

Of course, she looked to defend herself from this little spike.

AKA qualifying herself

Without taking it to heart and arguing, I then gleamed a smile while stating, “Oh, so you are a dirty girl then…”

Instant pantie whetter that was!


Now I invite you Daygame dudez to join me in my time machine portal…

We’re taking a trip back to a little market’s stall from 2 months ago

Mindlessly wondering and eyeing some crappy tourist trinkets was a sultry Scandinavian chick. (This I knew straight away. These sexy beasts from the north seem to have a beautiful natural flush of redness about their skin unique from anywhere else)

After I opened her, my guess was spot on…

She was visiting from Finland

And she almost fainted from surprise as I guessed her hometown to be Helsinki

(In fairness, I probably couldn’t name another city in the damn country)

But it was enough to get her curious

It’s never occurred to me that most people are, to put it nicely, retarded when it comes to geography.

Being a football fanatic, I naturally know just about all of Europe from the varying club and country competitions over there.

Moving through this Daygame approach, I dropped some knowledge about how flat her country is. Not many mountains like neighbouring Sweden or Norway. Then I naturally had to tease her about how cross-country skiing was the only method of transport because “Finland won’t get petrol cars for until the year 2020 – but it’s nice that you guys finally got electricity last year”.

/Cue the sensual slap to my shoulder/

When interrogated how I knew so much about her ‘little, hidden country’, I told her about Sinni, the sexy little Finnish brunette I’d dated many years ago.

Ok, Ok, story times over

Let’s get into the Daygame lesson and psychological tricks used here

Though I’m sure a couple of you guys have already picked up what I’ve done here to mess with these girl’s brains and short-circuit their attraction wires

If not, fear not.

This Daygame info isn’t something you’re going to find in most pick-up goo-roo products


Because marketers can’t research this stuff

This is pure ‘in the trenches’, ‘been there, done that… 1,500+ times’ kind of experience

First, it’s nothing to do with ‘impressing’ the girl with all your kool knowledge about her country. Yawn.


Apart from the cities’ names them self, the reason I know a lot of random information about different areas of Europe is because I make it a point to scrounge unique information from the girls I date

There’s plenty of random crap I can tell you about Slovakia – thanks to Romi, the beautiful turquoise eyed chick from Bratislava that I dated

I can talk for hours about the Fjords in the North of Norway – thanks to Heidi, the busty blonde I dated from some little-ass town I can’t remember the name of

The stories go on and on



The psychology behind this Daygame stuff:

First, we all know about the word ‘rapport’

“Rapport” seems to get chucked around in most pick-up goo-roo circles like the drunk blonde cheerleader at house parties

But what is it really?


Rapport is essentially relatability

Having a topic that both you and the girl can relate to and talk about comfortably

But there’s a second part to the formula for “rapport”

… And that second magic word is ‘believability’

If I’m talking to a German chick, I can’t go and ‘build relatability’ by saying, “OMG I am also from Hamburg, this is incredible, we are so alike. We may as well sleep together right now”.


As soon as she asks me what area I live in, I’m fucked. Heck, if she starts speaking to me in German, I’m ruined… unless I can bluff the whole conversation with ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘you’re a retard’ in German.


Ok, so how do we create ‘believability’?


I will introduce a 3rd damn word

(I promise this is the last one)



If I was truly from Hamburg, it would be easy for me to tell the girl what area I live in. I could tell her what high school I went to. What university I studied at. Shit, I could tell her which exact park I used to play football in.

Specific details that someone who truly lived in Hamburg would know.

I never lied to any of these girls and said I was ‘from’ Helsinki or Venice.

Just that I knew of the places and could give some specific pieces of knowledge about them and their residing countries


Here’s today’s Daygame Australia bonus tip:

As best you can, this information should never be ‘first hand’. It’s not like you’ve read an atlas and encyclopaedia to have working background information on every possibly girl you meet while Daygaming


All this information comes from ‘girls I have dated from xyz’.

I do NOT recommend you lie to girls

For me, it is not a lie in most cases

Dating doesn’t have to mean ‘slept with’

I’ve struck out with girls from basically all over the world by now

There isn’t many countries across Europe or the America’s where I haven’t at least taken a girl for coffee or a drink

This lends us the advantage of one final word

(Sorry, I lied above – but this one is possibly the most important of all)


Social proof

If I’ve dated a girl from Naples before, I have been proven ‘acceptable’ from girls just like this sexy Italian chicka that I’m currently talking to

It’s ok for her to date me because a girl ‘just like her’ has already done so in the past. I’m probably not a serial killer. Probably…

There you have it Daygame dudez, that’s 4 solid psychological principles for you to start dropping into your Daygame approaches

And remember, you heard it here first

That’s a Daygame Australia exclusive!

Remember ‘Heidi’, the busty blonde from some little-ass town in Northern Norway?

I’ve got the original Daygame infield approach recorded, analyzed and ready for you to learn from, sitting right here:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you next week,


Daygame Australia

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