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If You Ain’t Interested,

Don’t Fake The Funk…

(22nd September, 2017 Email)

We’ve covered this Daygame topic together on a number of light occasions

But we’re going to dig deeper today


Daygame is all about a natural surprise

Knocking a woman out of her *normal* reality. Even if it’s for 30 seconds

She might brush right past you, but you merely attempting to hit on her will bring a smile to her lips. You’ve brightened her day

What could be more rewarding at a base level than this?

There’s a catch though…

What if she was to leave your Daygame approach feeling poorly? Thinking that you were being manipulative. That there is something wrong with her and all you were doing was playing a trick on her?

No longer have you brought a fart of sunshine into her life…

… No sir…

You left her WORSE off than before

That’s a no-no

Bad karma and all that jazz

Consider this:

Most cities nowadays have those charity workers plaguing the streets. You know ’em, I know ’em. (I used to be one). The first thing out of their mouth is a complement about your look, or style, or hair. Anything they can throw out there to make you open your mouth and reply. Suddenly, they’ve create the precedent of you talking. Reciprocity from that cheap compliment.

Then they move into bland conversation

– “How waz ur Dai?”
– “What do U studie?”
– “Oh realli? Your job az a checkout chick sounds amazing!!!!!!! Tell me moar”


All the while, they’re wearing the most forced smile of them all

Feels a bit creepy, doesn’t it?

This false interest does anything BUT bring a smile to your face. In fact, it leaves you feeling a tad queasy inside

Back to the Daygame lesson…

This ingenuous conversation?


How is this any different from you Daygame approaching a chick you’re not really interested in?

You’ve simply reversed roles

If you aren’t casually picturing the chick naked bent over your bed with her face squished into your pillow, then you don’t really care how her day is. Nor what she studies. Anything about her life, really…

Now your teasing is halfhearted. Your sexual spikes sound fake (and it shows in your voice and eye contact).

It’s sickening, really.

Don’t Fret

It happens to the best of us.

The reason we’re discussing this topic today is it actually happened to me yesterday

Usually, it doesn’t happen anymore. I only hit on the cute chickz with big titz

(Actually, any sized, I don’t discriminate)

There was a difference though

Yesterday I had a friend lingering nearby as he filmed me


I’ve recorded myself before. With an audio dictaphone sitting in my pocket, that is.

Never on video though

Just like the first few Daygame sessions with my audio recorder sitting in my pocket, I caught some butterflies in the net of my stomach. You know, *unfamiliar* situation and all

Nowadays, having my little buddy sitting in my shirt pocket doesn’t affect me…

Having some dude standing 10 meters away with a phone pointed at me? Well it knocked me off guard for the first few times.

The thing was, I WANTED to get footage. And I got that unconscious feeling of not wanting to waste my friend’s time ‘waiting’ for a genuinely cute senorita to stroll on by



There were a few Daygame approaches where I bit the bullet and went in half hearted

Against my better judgement, that is

In the end, the footage turned out pretty useless

As described above, there was a mis-match between my verbal escalation and the body language I was putting out

There wasn’t a physical excitement. All the while, I was faking the funk with forced verbal excitement

I could barely hide it. The poor girls picked up on it. And we both left the Daygame approach with a metaphorical sour taste residing in our mouths afterwards


Lose-lose Daygame is what I call this

Something funny though:

1 hour later, a sensual French-frog jumped on by

Guess what?

I had a raging hard-drive as I observed her

And that energy spilled over (again, metaphorically… well, actually, I do need to do some extra laundry thanks to that approach) into the Daygame approach. We had a blast. My physical kino escalation came from a place of genuine desire to caress her body. My verbal escalation came from a playful attitude and wanting to sexualise the communication between us

It was an all-round fantastic Daygame approach

Which goes to prove and hammer home the point I’ve shared here in the Daygame Australia emails endlessly… You can’t ‘fake it’ with this stuff

The worst advice I’ve ever heard was to hit on and try to sleep with girls who you aren’t attracted to, “for experience, DUDE”.


I’ll have that French-frog Daygame approach posted in the next few days so you can hear what genuine sexual desire sounds like…

Until then, here’s another example of a Daygame approach between two consenting adults that couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off. (Complete analysis of Daygame techniques included).


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you next week,

Daygame Australia

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