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Why You Don’t Need

Wings To Fly

(11th April, 2017 Email)

Let’s continue yesterday’s discussion about the rule of one.

We established that the most powerful and concise way to drive yourself from start to success in as shorter time as possible was to narrow your focus as best you can.

Rather than spreading yourself thin with many different objectives, even though they may all benefit your life in some way, you should narrow your focus right down and obtain mastery in one discipline at a time.

There were a few reasons for this:

– A narrow objective keeps your ‘eyes on the prize’ – so to speak
– You remove all possible reasons to procrastinate (i.e. the example of approaching the red-head rather than the blonde from yesterday)
– Your concerted efforts towards one narrow goal will propel you to the finish line far faster than half-heartedly expending effort on a large number of different objectives

Now a quick benefit I didn’t really touch on yesterday:

– You create a positive reference experience much faster. To quickly succeed in one small area gives you far more confidence to tackle and master the next goal you wish to focus on as you’ve now obtained prior proof that setting your mind to some objective and working hard towards it will inevitably breed success.

It is for each of these reasons and more-so closely related to the ‘rule of one’ that I generally hate having a ‘wing’ during my Daygame.

Every person has a different agenda to yours. It makes sense as they are focused on themselves, while you’re focused on yourself.

There’s not much room for overlap there.

If you’re with a wing man, you’ve instantly given yourself an ‘excuse’ not to approach a girl. It’s as simple as pushing the wing to approach instead.

And BAM – there goes a valuable reference point of experience.

I used to chill with a wing back in the day. I don’t know why though, he was pretty useless.

Actually I do know why:

It cut down the amount of approaching I had to do since I had someone to talk to and I could yell at him to approach instead.

While this wasn’t healthy for my development, it wasn’t even the worst of the ‘wing man poison’.

You see, he seemed to have this thing for Asian chicks.

While I most certainly do not.

But in the moment, when he’s getting up to approach a 2-set of Asian girls and yells to me ‘come and wing me while I get her number’ – what am I supposed to do?

The social contract of hanging out together and ‘winging’ each other dictated that I must follow him into battle (for me it’s a fucking battle getting through a conversation with a girl I’ve no interest in).

And yet there I was wasting precious minutes of my life (and even worse – cringing as legitimately hot and approachable girls walked past while I was stuck ‘winging’).

When you are with a wing-man there are two of you there. There are two different mindsets at play. Two different overall goals and desires.

Does this not go entirely against the principle of the ‘rule of one’?

It sure does.

I dropped my wingman years ago. And nowadays my Daygame is top notch with few flaws to be found

Not to say my wing and I won’t meet up and chill or shoot the shit occasionally… but I just Daygame alone.

If you truly want your Daygame to fly, I put it to you that wings are absolutely superfluous to requirements.

Just listen to the fun and excitement that comes with picking and choosing who you approach:


Stunning Colombian Daygame. Much Fun. Rule Of One.


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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