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Eat Your Vegetables

(20th March, 2017 Email)

Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables. Eat your vegetables.
Like most, I had this sentiment drilled into my head repeatedly by my parents. Dinner after dinner.
Did I appreciate this advice?
Hell no.
What kid daydreams about a plate full of broccoli and carrots? You’ve got to be kidding me.
Ironically, just thinking about it used to be enough to make me sick.
Go figure, I wonder if I can convince the general population of MY link between vegetables and getting sick…
So what happened when I moved out of home?
You can take a wild swing of a guess at that one…
Let’s just say that I consumed that ‘healthy crap’ about as often as I shagged Miss Universe. 10 times! Ok, zero times. Whatever.
This habit of ignoring all of my parent’s good advice didn’t improve when I left the damn country and travelled through Canada. I remember impressing all of those “Sorry, ey” folks with the amount of meat I’d ravish myself with on a nightly dinner-basis.
But were there many vegetables on the plate alongside that meat? Better doubt it.
This has all changed though.
It turns out I enjoy strength training in the gym. It also turns out that strength training requires a shit-tonne of protein in your diet.
What does a rapid influx of protein in one’s diet do to your bodily functions? It makes your everyday morning ‘tradition’ just about as fun as passing a kidney stone every other day (For those not in the ‘know’, that shit’s about as painful as Mila Kunis getting half-way through your blowjob, then getting called away from your ‘bedside-attention’).
So adding vegetables to my diet was a necessity.
It sucked at first. A carrot here, some broccoli there, even some eggplant.
Day after day, week after week, and now year after year, I’ve slowly found cooking methods that I enjoy for vegetables.
Vegetables have now become just another part of my meal.
They are enjoyable. Plentiful. Plus they taste great, now that I’ve cooked them several hundred times and worked out exactly how I like them.
Well, this formula for habit-creation is thankfully not limited to vegetable eating.
No sir.
In fact, it is today’s Daygame lesson.
While Daygame approaching may suck at first, the best thing you can do is make like Nike and ‘just do it’.
The first couple of times will suck. So will the next couple of approaches. And even a few more times after those.
Importantly though, this Daygame consistency will start to form habits. Positive momentum habits.
You will start to develop nice ‘cooking’ techniques which will help you enjoy the Daygame approaching a little more each time (to seamlessly segue from my previous metaphor…).
Little by little, the art of the daytime Daygame approach will grow on you.
It will excite you.
It will soon have become so normal and consistent within your life, that you never really consciously *think* about it again.
It just happens.
That’s when the fun begins.
Here’s an article I wrote that will kick start any beginner’s Daygame technique. Not to mention add turbo thrust to an already experienced Daygamer’s bag of tricks and techniques when they are out on the street.
Have a peek here:


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See you tomorrow,
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