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Excitement You Say?

(24th March, 2017 Email)

Regular readers will be blatantly aware that I am a pretty sporty guy.

Not only do I enjoy participating, I can’t get enough excitement out of watching sport.

Especially football.

Be it Manchester United in England, or Western Sydney Wanderers here in Australia.

It is an absolute joy to sit back, relax and enjoy the mastery on show. The technique, the finesse, the intricacy of skill. At times it’s mind-blowing and adds to the overall excitement.

That is why I truly feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have some kind of sport in their life that they enjoy. I understand that, for some, there is no appeal. They might be into music, movies, antiques… hell, they could be into opera for all I care.

But there are exciting aspects in sport that you just CAN’T get elsewhere.

It’s the anticipation. The excitement. The waiting all week for the big game on Saturday. The buildup in the papers. The kind hearted (and sometimes less than so) jesting between friends and rival team supporters.

This all adds to the atmosphere and crescendo of the big game.

Even those last few seconds before kick-off, or puck-drop, or tip-off, or first pitch, or even the very first delivery in curling (if that’s your thing), are enough to get the heart pumping, the adrenaline rushing, and fulfil the ecstasy of your chosen addition

To be honest, this is the exact excitement I feel with Daygame.

And is why I am a proponent of one BIG tip that generally goes against the grain of most modern ‘advice’ from ‘plaYaz’.

That ‘advice’?

“Dude, just approach a heap of fatties and uglies, get used to picking them up and taking them home.”

What a load of hog-wash.

Let’s break that down.

These egg-spurts are telling you to Daygame approach girls you have no genuine excitement and attraction for. Strike one – you will never be able to fake attraction and interest for an entire Daygame set from open to close.

Maybe you’ll crack when you try to try to tell her how ‘pretty she is’.

Maybe you’ll crack when it’s time to take her number because ‘you like her and thing you two should meet up’

Or you may finally crack during the date itself when it’s time to escalate and start making out with the girl.

Hell, the cognitive dissidence between you acting as though you’re attracted to her, and the stark reality of you not actually being excited and liking her, may occur so late as in the bedroom, where you struggle to ‘get it up’.

Well, that will certainly be an exciting, “worthwhile Daygame experience”.


I am here to tell you to only Daygame approach girls you are genuinely attracted and excited by.

Be it her face, her ass, her tits, her legs… shit, it can be her *personality* for all I care.

And she doesn’t have to be perfect in ALL these areas, even one can cause more than enough excitement for you.

As long as you have a genuine attraction to some part of her, however superficial, it will be enough to generate that fire of excitement as you go to Daygame her

And really, isn’t excitement what we are all living life for anyways?

If you want to be pushed into exciting situations, I can help you:


Get shoved into exciting Daygame situations


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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