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(27th April, 2017 Email)

Ok as you may well remember, since it happened just yesterday, I was talking about ANZAC day here in Australia.

Well, to cap of a wonderful day there is a traditional Rugby League match that is played each year in the evening.

It is one match I love attending. Not only for the game itself, but the pre-match entertainment. They have marching bands from the military. They parade Veterans around in Utes. There’s even a helicopter that flies into the stadium and delivers the special trophy that each team plays for on the day.

A damn fun event it is.

Until this years…

You see, every other year I’ve never struggled to get a ticket to the game. Normally I rock up 2 hours before kick-off and purchase one of the spare 5 to 10 thousand tickets available.


Not this year.

For some reason the crappy, wet, damn rainy weather attracted all the fucking fans.

The result?

Not a spare ticket.

For myself OR the French chick I decided to let tag along (yeah – the one I took to the beach a few weeks ago).

The thing is, I had really built this event up in her mind. I’d told her all about the pre-match festivities. The marching band, parade, helicopter. Not to mention building her excitement about the game itself (It would have been her first time at a Rugby league game – taking her rugby-ginity, as I would say).

Of course she was disappointed.

Despondent even.

Now, I didn’t want her day ruined like this. Nor mine. It’s a bummer hanging out with some down-in-the-dumps depressed chick.

So I remembered an all-important Daygame foundation principle:

“How you feel is how she feels”

My actions?

Step 1: Display non-reactivity and an eventual happy mood on an emotional level. I brushed aside the bad news of ‘no tickets left, soz’ and moved on quickly, making sure a smile returned to my face.

Step 2: Start reframing the situation in Frenchie’s mind. I started to describe how much more comfortable we’ll be on a lounge chair inside a bar to watch the game. I laughed at all the ‘suckers’ in the stadium who would be getting rained on all afternoon. Then I reminded her how all our ticket money can now go towards an afternoon of drinking.

Step 3: Get her to verbalize her new-found overwhelming feelings of happiness and joy. This was as simple as asking her questions along the line of: “Are you looking forward to the warm bar?” or “How much fun are you going to have drinking every time you don’t understand one of the rules?”.

Suddenly her mood was much improved and the rest of the afternoon was a joy.

This tale does entail an important Daygame lesson to remember when chasing tail.

(Sweet sentence, thank you)

Let me spell it out:

Mood affects mood.

Dominant mood wins.

Have dominant mood, act the way you want the girl to act, she starts to act that way.

Win Win.

Listen to how my fun, jokative and eventually sexy mood takes a hesitant hottie from unsure to just as playful and sexual as me. All in 18 minutes of sensual Daygame action:


[Infield] Hot Colombian Girl Pick-Up


See you tomorrow,

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