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(28th April, 2017 Email)

One of the truly powerful underlying principles of Daygame that makes it so effective is its uniqueness.

It is extremely rare for a girl to have been directly approached and flirted with before during the day time.

That is exactly why us special dudes get so many ‘bonus points’ purely for approaching.

For this reason alone, you can experience exponential success even as a beginner Daygamer, compared to your former self. So long as you can stick to the VERY BASICS of a decent conversation and the principles of flirtation 

For most girls you Daygame approach, it is their first ever experience.

It’s surreal to them.

Kinda like their Disney movie fantasy playing out in real life.

They think it’s a special present bestowed upon them.

Because it is their FIRST time.


That is one of the main powers behind Daygame.

Being first creates curiosity and forces you to stick out in the girl’s simple mind.

I wish I had a dime for every date I went on, where the girl confessed how she daydreamed about our initial conversation “for the rest of the day. It was so cool, so different”.


Let’s apply this concept to our own understanding for a second:

I’m sure like myself, the very first time you took a trip on an airplane was an exciting and memorable occasion. You could easily tell me where you were flying to on your first trip, yeah? How about your 9th airplane trip? I bet it takes you a bit of thinking and counting on your fingers to remember that one…

FIRST = Important. A memorable impression.

What about losing your virginity? I’m sure you can remember that particular girl easily as well. But what about your 5th, or 11th or 37th? Even I’ve got to stop and think about those ones.

Seemingly, the next logical question you would ask me is; “What if I’m not the first. What if she’s experienced Daygame approach before?”

Good question.

Allow me to enlighten…

To be first is important.

But you are also the one that can define what ‘first’ is.

Remember a few emails ago how I described an English Fuck Buddy I had that told me about being Daygamed before? You would be forgiven to think that I wasn’t a ‘first’ in her mind. But alas, you’d be incorrect. If you recall, I asked her many questions about the previous Daygame approaches she’d experienced. However, I concluded that I was the only guy who had been flirty with her. Teased her. Or even created minutes’ worth of banter with her. Quite juxtaposed to the other guys who had basically run through a Q and A interview with her.

Therefore, I was still ‘first’ in her mind. I was the ‘first’ Daygamer who had created minutes of conversation with her. I was the first Daygamer who had physically escalated within the ‘first’ minute of my approach. Even my teasing/spiking was a ‘first’ for her.

There are many ways to separate yourself from the rest and stand out as a ‘first’.

You just need to think of some way to be ‘different’ from the rest.


I like to inject some specific topics that I can guarantee will be a ‘first’ for any girl, into our Daygame conversation.

Like how I tease and accuse this Colombian girl of being racist.

Or how I casually *confess* to how much porn I watch.

And much, much more.

Here, have a listen (again if you’ve already peeped it before) and try to notice how many unique ‘firsts’ I inject into my conversation with this girl:


[Infield] Hot Colombian Girl Pick-Up


See you next week,



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