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Forgive Me Brethren

For I Have Sinned

(26th April, 2017 Email)

Guys, I know…

I failed you all yesterday.

I MISSED an email day. And it sucks. I feel supa-dupa bad.

But hear me out for a sec.

Yesterday was a very special day here in Australia. It was April 25th. ANZAC day.

ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp.

It is our special day of the year to celebrate our past soldiers and their efforts during the wars of decades ago.

So long story short, I was out and about all day at parades and stuff.

Now, I’m not going to go and disrespect the brave soldiers by comparing their struggles to that of a Daygamers.

That would be ridiculous.

But what I will merely point out is the differences in lifestyle challenges between the current generation, and that of our grandfather’s generations. You think we have it rough? You think living in a generation where you have nightclubs, online dating, casual craigslist hookups, tinder and of course Daygame as option to get laid is hard?

What a load of crock. Nowadays, we’ve got access to all the information we could possibly dream of in this world. There’s information products for fucking everything – from dating to growing juicy tomatoes in your damn garden.

Do you think those guys had access to ‘dating coaches’ who would force them to go over and talk to girls? Who would teach them the basics of rapport-creating conversations? Or how to tease and sexually spike conversations with girls?

Hell, they weren’t even fortunate enough to get (almost lol) daily Daygame emails that are slowly teaching you guys how to do EVERYTHING in regards to meeting and seducing girls (and not just in the daytime – a LOT of what my emails teach are transferrable to any girls you meet, anywhere. Daygame, night game, online, whatever, it all works).

Now. I understand that many of you are going into a Daygame session as if it were a battle.

Well, Normandy was a battle. Gallipoli was a battle. The Japs were a damn battle.

You need to reframe how you think of Daygame. Daygame is a joyous occasion. Daygame is your opportunity to go and lighten up a girl’s day and make her feel truly feminine as a woman.

What greater joy can you bring to them?

Except for when you follow up with your sexy, seductive self and root her brains out like the King-Fucking-Kong of a man you are!

So today I’d like to remind you all to remind yourself that Daygame is about adventure and fun. Not battles, hardship and tension.

Get out there and enjoy the feminine energy of a woman.

Like I do here:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow (for realsies),

Daygame Australia


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