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How To Go From ‘Handsome Stranger’

To ‘Handsome And Comfortable’

(11th September, 2017 Email)

Back again with more Daygame Australia Email tips

Today we’re going to make like scuba divers and swim deeeeep into the successful psychology of your Daygame approaches

Before we do that though…

We’re going to rehash and borrow some psychological ‘know how’ from the pick-up goo-roo’s advice about dating

One of the (rare) pieces of advice that those Heath Ledgers actually got quite correct

(I’m calling the goo-roos ‘jokers’)

(Did you get the reference?)

(It was funny – please proceed to throw you head back in loud, boisterous laughter)

… Anyhow…

A common little piece of advice from the grapevine of pick-up product circle jerks that you’ve probably heard before is the idea of ‘mini bounces’. The mini-bounce is the tactic of *moving* a girl around either the venue you two kids are in, or from one venue to another. If you’re sitting across from each other at a bar’s table, you might take her hand and lead her over to some lounge couches instead. If you’re in a noisy bar, you might lead her down the street into a dim-lit, quiet little cocktail bar for a change of atmosphere.

Point being, you’ve moved the girl from one place to another


What this does is build up the level of ‘commitment’, ‘comfort’ and ‘familiarity’ that the poor damsel in distress associates with you, the handsome Daygamer

It feeeeeeeeelz as though you two have been spending sooooo much time together.

Basically, it’s like the lazy-man’s hack for combining the traditional ‘date 1’ and ‘date 2’ together into one evening… with the hope of getting in the girls soaking whett panties quicker…

… If only our fore-fathers knew of these sly little tactics back when guys and gals had to suffer through the old unspoken ‘sex on date 3’ rule…


The question begs, “How do we apply this sneaky bait and switch to your original Daygame approach?” Surely this matrix-hack would mean our Daygame approaches are much more solid and we can drastically cut our ‘flake rate’ down to a near-zero percent?

Yes. Yes we can


Find out next time, on the Daygame Australia Email tips show…

Lucky for you, today’s scheduling has a double episode



I was marching through the mean streets of Sydney last weekend. I left “Daygame central” aka Pitt street, aka “the pitt” and was heading towards famous Hyde Park.

Crossing the street, but from the opposite corner, was a sensual looking senorita

As the lights turned green, she crossed towards Hyde Park. I crossed diagonally to catch up with her

(Confused by my description? Good. I want to keep ya’ll guessing)

Either way, I Daygame approached her. Immediately there was that tingling sensation (no, not THAT tingling sensation) of ‘you know that I know that you know’.

So we stood there basking in our sexual tension talking about mundane shit

Actually, we had fun. She was a Swedish chick who works as a nanny for a rich Swiss family. And that family had paid for her to join them on holiday to Australia.

Of course, I teased her about trying to seduce the rich husband away from the mum’s grasp

She laughed… didn’t deny it though…

Anyways, this is where the magic starts


See, I’d been theorizing about this tactic for a while and decided to start testing it infield. (Yes, I know. A rarity in all the pick-up non-sense out there – tried and tested results…)

Around the half way point, about 4 minutes in, I turned and exclaimed how I was walking in this direction

She confirmed she was doing the same

So we took a little stroll together until we reached the famed fountain of Hyde Park

From there, I stopped her again, and we sat together by the fountain. I teased her and tried to push her in the water. She slapped my shoulder. It was cute.

To keep this long story short, I continued the *second half* of this Daygame approach here by the fountain. Our ‘second location’ so to speak

Everything went fine and I took her number. She’s in town just 1 more week before returning to Europe. So here’s hoping I’m that exciting mysterious sexual stranger who leaves her with a nice memory or two.

And chlamydia

Well, maybe not

Who knows?

I hope you cool Daygame dudes consider this little matrix-hacking tactic next time you’re out Daygaming pretty chickas. Wherever you stop them, look to move them a little further down the after a few minutes. Be it to a park bench, or the steps outside a bank.

Whatever it is, try and physically move the girl from one location to another within your Daygame approach.

Then sit back, relax and watch with pleasure as your flake-rate drops dramatically

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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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