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Some Guys Claim They Never

Get Flaked On By Using This

Little Persuasion Trick…

(05th September, 2017 Email)

Sadly, I call B.S. on all these Daygamer’s claims

100% success rate?


Nothing is a given in this world

And if they really do have a 100% success rate, it’s because they’ve tried it 1 time and it worked… that one time…

I don’t know about all you cool dudes, but 1 date per lifetime doesn’t quite cut it for my sex drive

Even if it does keep the 100% record in tact…


Long winded disclaimer aside

The technique (I’ll describe it soon) does hold truth


It bears fruit. I’ve used it before. As well as purposely NOT used it in my Daygame approaches.

In some cases, it makes little difference. Cases where you’ve been unapologetically direct with your Daygame approach and the girl is standing there with bambi-eyes and wet panties. These girls are pretty hard to ‘screw up’ your number close with.

However, in less than ‘love at first site’ (*blah*) Daygame sets, there is a saving grace…

In yesterday’s Daygame Australia email, we covered the 3 main steps yours truly implements when taking a sexy senorita’s phone number.

For my own selfish reasons, I neglected to mention the optional 4th step in the process.

Today, I share it with you cool Daygame dudez!

It’s been dubbed ‘time bridging’.

The premise of the idea goes a little somethin’ like this:

As you’re taking the girl’s number, you start to screen her logistics over the next few days. You’re getting a feel for what days she has spare time to meet up for a date.

If by chance, one time she mentions happens to align with free time in your hectic schedule, mention it. Explain how you’re free at the same time and how you two should meet up then.

Setting up this date in person employs a bit of psychological persuasion onto your team!


First up, we’re creating a bit of commitment on the girl’s behalf

Getting the chick to agree verbally to a place and time for a date sets up a social contract of the sorts. Remember, if you’ve qualified her throughout the Daygame approach and have taken her number, it’s because she’s already interested in you. Naturally you both want to see each other again so you two can get one step closer to boinking private parts.

That’s nature, baby.

Setting up the date during the initial approach grounds the entire interaction.

Many a time I’ve had a strong Daygame approach go nowhere after the girl has gone home and had an opportunity to backward-rationalize how ‘strange’ that sexual chat with the handsome stranger earlier today was.

… And that’s ok. Remember, we’re the ones used to approaching and talking to endless girls…

For most chicks, that’s the first time it’s happened in their life during the sober hours of daylight. Sometimes their pretty little brains can’t handle it.



Apart from creating a sense of commitment and grounding the Daygame approach itself, this little trick helps in another way

We are removing the need to text back and forth with the chicky babe

We’ve covered previously how texting can go and die in a hole somewhere

The less texting we have to do, the better.

This way, we’ve reduced our texting by 75%

Instead of having to ping the girl. Swap a cute back and forth ‘nice to meet you’ type text, then start to suggest date times… we’ve gone right to the end.

All we have to do is send a ping text on the day of the date informing the girl that “there’s been a family emergency and I’m going to be 3.5 minutes late tonight”

Funny. Check

Subtle reminder of the date and time. Check

Mucho lesso texting back and forth. Check

Win. Win.  And Win.

So there it is Daygame dudez!

The mysterious 4th stage during your Daygame approaches’ number close

Personally I feel it’s a bit of overkill with absolute ‘yes’ girls.

Start implementing it with all the girls who are semi-interested and see if you start developing a drinking problem from all the extra dates you find yourself going on!

Until then, have a listen to what a total ‘yes girl’ sounds like in this Daygame Australia infield example:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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