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“He Took Sadistic Pleasure In

Berating His Students…”

(13th April, 2017 Email)

Meet Mr. Murphy, a jolly, fun-loving science teacher who liked to ‘go with the flow’ and stay on all of his student’s good side.

He would be teaching his lesson but happily take a break to entertain any bane and mundane thought or question that the kids would throw at him. Even the prank ones. In fact, it was the prank ones that he’d play along with and call ‘very funny’ while trying to ‘relate’ with.

Mr. Murphy never really got into screaming matches with his students. He was too passive for that.

Instead, he’d do the whole agree and amplify technique. But sadly he used to carry on the jokes for farrrrr too long.

Poor Mr. Murphy wanted each and every student to like him.

The ironic thing is that his tactics made very few, if any, students truly respect him.

Sure his classes entailed laughter and frivolity. But is that really the point of science class? To laugh a lot?

Buried away at the opposite end of the spectrum was Mr. Kalch.

Mr. Kalch was a mean, short-tempered math teacher.

I’m quite sure (10000% in fact) that he got some kind of personal, sadistic pleasure out of berating his students who took an ill-step during his class time.

This man cherished silence, demanding it at all times within his classroom.

But he was a good teacher.

He took the time to listen to every question you had and seemed to have a bagful of various techniques to explain a solution to his students until each and every one had fully grasped the point of the lesson.

Mr. Kalch’s approach took no prisoners. It was brash. It was painful for the students to adhere to each and every day. Yet his students achieved above-average results year-in, year-out.

Some students confided in one another that they hated the man. Others quite dug his style. But all were in agreement in the effectiveness of his teachings, and the achievements they produced as a results of his rigid ways.

You see, sticking to your expectations and beliefs is NOT something you should compromise in Daygame.

Daygame isn’t about bending your spine in order to have every girl like you.

That’s impossible.

And even if you do act in a way to appease every girl, you’ll end up like poor Mr. Murphy did – with no respect and basically seen as a joke by all.


If you stick to your guns, you’ll garnish respect even if you don’t appeal to EVERY girl out there. But once you do find one girl that digs your style, you’ll be coming from a dominant and manly position.

Take this girl I Daygamed a few days ago as an example:

She was a cute chick from Manchester. I was in a rush, but saw enough of her playful attitude to take her phone number. Sadly my messages were brushed off… for a day or so. She finally messaged me back, apologising for replying so late.

My second message was met with dead silence.

Then 2 days later we happened to walk past each other in the street. She stopped and started to apologise for not responding, as she’s “been real busy”. She started to dribble on about how we should still meet up some time soon and that I should “text her”.

Well, I stared at her for a few seconds and replied “I don’t think so”. I went on to explain how she seemed cool at the time, but showed attitude and disrespect by not replying and then following it up with a bullshit excuse here in the street. I explained that she had revealed that she isn’t the type of person I want to spend time with, then I wished her a good day and left.

Morals:  In tact
Frame:  Held
Spine:   Not broken.

Sure, I won’t root her, but do you think she’s the only cute girl in this city that I could sleep with? Hell, she’s not even the only tourist from Manchester that I could sleep with. It just means more approaching.

So be sure to hold girls up to your standards, much as Mr. Kalch did his students. Overall, you’ll not only be respecting yourself, but almost “forcing” others to respect you.

Check out how I kept my self-respect and morals throughout this approach:


[Infield] Hot Colombian Girl Pick-Up


See you tomorrow,

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