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How About A Daygame Quickie…

(27th March, 2017 Email)

When was the last time you went on an exciting Daygame expedition?

Yesterday I went on an adventure… of sorts.

My parents were up visiting, and I took my Dad out into the suburbs to watch a game of Rugby.

As I sat at the bus stop waiting for him to arrive, I chatted up two fine looking girls, taking their numbers to ‘hang out later’.

Between conversations on the bus with Dad, I got talking to a cute Caribbean girl. They are a rarity around to Daygame around here, but have always been my ‘type’ personality wise. With that slightly strange accent, yet friendly and lovable nature. Another number to ‘hang out with later’.

The day slowed down from there. As much a result of the hot sun rather than me not wanting to run away from my father just to Daygame and talk to new girls every few minutes (though, it was tempting).

Inevitably, this ‘bad habit’ of mine continued one or two times more throughout the day.

Even though it could have been more.

Let me explain:

There were some gorgeous cheerleaders on show yesterday. Now, maybe it’s just ego talking, but in my mind, no fewer than 4 of them were giving me the eye at some stage.

Did I go up to the barrier, holla at them, and try spitting some words at them?

Regrettably no.

But next time, well, who knows. Probably. Yes. Definitely.

They were hot OK.

Point is this;

I got a casual 5 phone numbers yesterday from Daygame. All of this without me even needing to go out for some specific ‘Daygame session time’. They were different chicks as well, outside of my normal approaching areas, so there’s some exciting new taste to the menu.

All this came about from me taking a ‘day off’ from the routine, and going on my own exciting expedition. From there, it was natural to rush through a direct Daygame approach and get a ‘quickie’ in the form of a phone number.

Will they all show up on a date?

Who knows?

It’s not like I was there for 10-15 minutes creating rapport and investment.

But it was damn fun none the less getting my Daygame groove on in new circumstances.

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See you tomorrow,

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