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[Reframe] How To Have 100% Abundance And Destroy Your ‘Give A Shit’ Factor

(09th October, 2017 Email)

Ohhhh hot diggity dog

Powerful stuff today, Daygame dudez

This could well be the simplest mindset shift in pick-up existence that will forever change the outcome of your failures… and mold them into pussy drenched success stories


Here’s the deal:

Some mystical marketing line dreamed up for all things seducing women was, “have abundance”.

All in all, not bad advice

In a general sense…

If you’re coming into pick-up and Daygame with 4 or 5 different bang-buddies at your beck and call, you’ll be fine. Then again, if you’ve got ease-of-access to a number of different tight little chickas, you’re probably not googling (or yahooing, whatever floats your boat) “how to pick up chickz”.


Most guys coming into this beginning stage of self-development lack one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, abundance

If you could juuuust get abundance, suddenly you wouldn’t care so much

It wouldn’t matter if the next 10 girls shot you down. You can just phone up Marie and be digging her out later.

This self-assurance is key

Removing your attachment to the actual outcome is ironically when you start experiencing more consistently favorable outcomes. Girls sense your lack of desperation. You’re not *pussy-hungry* and barking up against the gate, begging for access into her little slice of paradise.



It’s all well and good that abundance is a Daygamer’s holy lord and savior

But the initial problem still lays bare at our feet… How do we enjoy the self-fulfilling success that comes hand in hand with abundance when we don’t actually HAVE the abundance to act from?

Well, that’s where the sneaky little world in our title, ‘reframe’, come into dastardly play



Every guy has abundance

Every guy has something that only THEY can choose to share with someone else.

Something that we should prize as an absolute privilege to be bestowed upon another human. (Preferably a chick)


I am hinting towards time

Time is your saving grace

Time is your reframe that’s gonna get you laid like a rock star

Every guy has it

Most girls want to utilize it. So why not make them qualify and work in exchange for it?


Here’s the deal with time:

You have a LOT of time left in your life. Quality time. Time that women want you to spend on them

That’s why the suckers who hear ‘let’s just be friends’ after investing a year of their life ‘hanging out’ with the girl, feel so robbed

They didn’t receive a strong exchange rate for their time

In fact, they received barely any exchange at all


I ultimately receive pussy for my time


In the earliest stages of a budding relationship (the initial approach, first date etc.) my time is exchanged for positive steps TOWARDS getting the pussy

If you start to value your abundance of time and only share it with girls who are sexually interested in you, then you’re utilizing your time effectively

If you roll up on a girl and directly Daygame approach her, only to receive short and sharp answers that garner no interest or investment, move on. You’ve just offered this girl your most precious of resources and she’s undervalued it. Next. Move on. Find a girl who values your time and wastes little of it before showing sexual interest in you.

From now on, you should actively search for and REWARD disinterest from a woman

The quicker she dismisses you and shows entitlement whilst in the presence of your TIME, the quicker you’ve realised she doesn’t value it. GREAT! You can stop investing it in her and move onto the next girl

More on this time concept in the next few daily Daygame Australia emails

Until then, devour this guide on physical kino escalation during Daygame:


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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