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How To Daygame Approach A Girl

Who’s Sitting Down

(21st September, 2017 Email)

In today’s installment of the Daygame Australia email tips, we’re going back to basics

Lately I’ve been grabbing your hand and jumping deep into a few Daygame rabbit-holes

These rabbit holes haven’t exactly been *common* situations that most Daygamers will find themselves in. And while the theory and understanding is useful to have resonating inside your gooey cranium, it hasn’t always been easily applicable information and tactics.


Now we will take a step back

Because learning how to Daygame approach a girl who is sitting down is extremely valuable advice

Walking through a park, a shopping center, your city, you’re bound to spot beautiful chickz with big titz who are sitting down, minding their own business. We must know how to Daygame approach them as well

No longer will we leave these seductive senoritas to their own peace of mind

No sir

From now on we will grace them the opportunity to meet us and have us wonderful Daygamers be a part of their lives

Lucky them!


To Daygame approach a girl who is sitting down, there are a number of *rules* and *checkpoints* for us to observe


Numero Uno:

As I’ve said countless times before, when we Daygame approach not just a girl who is sitting down, but any stationary girl at all, the ultimate first move is to have her spot us beforehand. Ideally, you will walk riiiight in front of where she is sitting. Especially in a park, on a bench, the stairs, or seats outside of a store. The point is, wherever possible, walk right in front of her.

Then, we actively turn around and go right up to her for our Daygame approach

While this is only a small technique in the grand scheme of our Daygame approach, for her to notice you *pause* your entire day to turn around and Daygame approach her while she is sitting, is extra bonus points we’ll happily accept

That’s hawt


Numero Dos:

Next up, as we Daygame approach the unsuspecting babe who is sitting down, we must use all our social powers and calibration to gauge her interest levels.

Remember, this isn’t your typical Daygame approach front-stop

The poor girl doesn’t have the precedence of ‘walking forward’ whereby she can brush right past you if she has no interest in you


You’ve gone up and almost ‘trapped’ her in a way

So we must be careful that she doesn’t become uncomfortable

Thankfully, it’s simple

My golden rule is looking for ANY kind of reciprocation of your sexual interest within the first 30 seconds

Be it strong eye contact, a nice smile, actually expanding on your direct Daygame opener, or replying in some way (other than ‘yes’ or ‘no’) to your first stack, assumption or question

If she immediately says ‘thank you’ and looks back down at her phone, book or food… you’ve got your answer – get out of there

Remember, there’s plenty of other girls sitting down for you to Daygame approach who are waiting for the opportunity to reject you…

… Or possibly pull you into the closest public toilets for some sexy times…

You never know


Numero Tres:

Cool Beans

You’ve successfully Daygame approached the girl while she sits. She has signs of reciprocating your interest. And her attention has turned to you

You can stick around for a while

From here, it is (Daygame) business as usual

You’re building the foundations of a solid Daygame approach. Lots of attraction, spiking, teasing and general fun and frivolity. When she’s finally hooked and showing an active interest in getting to know YOU, you start to move onto grounding, rapport and comfort.


There is a special case to remember when you Daygame approach a girl who is sitting down:

We want to reinforce the comfort in her mind, by having her ‘allow’ us to sit with her


It’s a sky-rocket results boosting display of compliance

To go from ‘some dude who just approached her while she was sitting’ to ‘an interesting, cool dude who she’s happy to have sit and join her’ is an immense little psychological trick to reinforce her attraction and comfort around you

I generally go for this in the transition between the fun attraction stuff, and moving onto comfort and rapport

“Hey, what was your name?”


Well [Answer], I’m Zac. I’m on my way to meet a friend for coffee soon, but would you mind if I sat with you for just 2 or 3 minutes?”

By the time you’ve gotten to this stage and comfort level, there’s not a girl in the world who will say, “no, fuck of”.

I promise


En Conclusion:

This is the final stage in a Daygamer’s successful approach of a girl who is sitting down

Now you have a few minutes to ground the approach with some basic ‘information swapping’. What she’s doing in your country. What she studies. Whatever boring-ass information you normally request to build rapport and comfort

It is also our socially acceptable opportunity to start implementing regular kino

You will generally be sitting next to the girl at this stage

This allows ample opportunity to casually touch her shoulder, arms and thighs. You may even play with her hair, earrings or other pieces of jewelry from here

Don’t spend too much time here and lose your air of intrigue or mysterious curiosity that still surrounds you

Take out your phone, type her name in, and hand her the phone to enter her digits

After that, as I’ve recommended countless times previously to end ALL your Daygame approaches, even with girls sitting down… you will tack on an extra minute of conversation after getting her number. That way it doesn’t suddenly feel as though that was your ‘goal’ all along.

Happy Daygame hunting, dudez

I’d love to hear back any success stories (or funny failures) of your adventures Daygame approaching girls who are sitting down

Until then, here are some other cool general Daygame tips for you to consider:


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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