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It Happened Again

(When Will I Learn)

(22nd March, 2017 Email)

It happened again

The weather has been damn miserable of late, totally unfit for Daygame. I’m talking black clouds, thunderstorms, lightening and torrential rain (I swear I saw some dude on a surfboard going down the main street).

And yet, silly old Zac got trapped out in this horrid environment without an umbrella.

Smart right?

I didn’t think so either.

But it did force me into finally testing a theory I’ve had building up in my cranium for a few months now.

See, the main supermarkets I go to (and peruse around for some rainy day Daygame) are a ‘quick walk’ away from my house. But alas, there is 2 different paths I can take for me to choose from. I’ve tended to stick with the same one each time, out of familiarity (and subconsciously, the psychological principle of consistency).

Getting trapped for the one-millionth time in the rain proved to be the final encouragement I needed to test which route was optimal for time-saving purposes.

And it turns out my original prediction of the already tried and tested route was correct.


Conspiracy arises as there is only one set of traffic lights on this path, whereas the other way contains two sets. But, here’s the kicker: The way the traffic lights are timed, it works out better to take the opposite path, when I am RETURNING home from the stores.

This little experiment born from ignorance and the extra wet rain of late has consequentially gone on to save me over 1 minute of my life every other day now (don’t laugh, that’s an extra Daygame minute every day – enough for one extra solid set per week).

That’s gonna add up pretty quickly.

Funnily enough, it is this kind of optimisation process and its benefits that I quickly discovered and utilised early on in my Daygame career.

First of all, it makes sense to go where the greatest consistent gathering of hot girls can be found. Be that malls, tourist destinations, and even overly popular street sections. From there, you will find it possible to continue optimising for what TYPE of girls you wish to approach on the day.

Nowadays, I have a go-to ‘area’ if I want to approach a plethora of Brazilian chicks. Same goes for Colombian (and most other South Americans girls).

Same can be said for European girls, especially French. I know just the spot to go and meet a metric shit-tonne (yes, that’s the scientific word for it) of them in a short period of time.

That leads me nicely into today’s Daygame point:

Optimisation will save you countless hours and heartache in the future.

Sure, at times it can be a pain to test. I mean, look at me. It took rain and lightning to finally kick my ass into action.

But I’ve reaped the benefits from such testing.

You can too. If you find yourself approaching a higher percentage of English girl in a certain location, take note, and test further. You may have just found your next hot-spot.

If you’re around my area and want some motivation, I know all the hot-spots for most any woman you could possibly desire to meet:


I’ll Help You Meet Chicks


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia.

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