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They All Laughed When I

Started To Approach…

(31st March, 2017 Email)

Daygame Australia email recipient James S. sent me a messages stating:

“I’m still too scared that other people are watching me when I go to Daygame approach. It amplifies my anxiety.”

Allow me to cast aside your worries with this bee-utiful story!


One fine day I was strolling along the sunny streets of Sydney when a fine lass caught the corner of my eye. A pretty young thing she was. With long brown hair, a lovely summer dress that left little to the imagination and a cheeky passing smile that convinced me to do a 180 and chase after her.

No sooner was I running around her for a Daygame front stop, did she brush me aside. Without a single word, she walked right on past me.

I was shattered. Heart broken in truth. The future mother of my children had just epitomised the cruelness of rejection that comes hand in hand with Daygame in 3 foul seconds of an uninterested brush-off.

I exaggerate slightly.


We’ll never know.

As I turned away and prepared for the Daygamer’s dreaded version of the walk-of-shame that comes straight after a rejection when you continue back to your original mission, I glanced through a window.

It turns out I had just done my (utterly failed) Daygame approach in front of the window of a packed bar.

I expected to see laughter, pointing and teasing. Yet I was left disappointed. Instead there were a few middle-aged men who just gave me the ‘shit happens’ shrug of their shoulders and even an encouraging thumbs up.

As if I need any encouragement to Daygame approach beautiful girls.

But it was the thought that counts.


I have mulled on this thought many times since that day and each time it strikes me just how far from reality all my old ‘worries’ about Daygaming were when I first started.

After thousands of approaches, I’ve never felt as though people had stopped and stared at this ‘black magic’ of talking to random girls on the street that I perform on a daily basis (Well, there was one instance of approaching a girl right in front of her father – but that’s a story for another day).

Nor have I ever seen any evidence to support the beginner’s belief that random strangers are going to stop and laugh at your ‘desperate attempts to meet women’.

This story proves the contrary to these silly little beliefs.

In fact, these middle aged men were probably shocked to witness some ‘kid’ half their age putting his big, steel (and most days thanks to Daygame, empty) balls on the line and try and pick-up a pretty girl right there in broad daylight. A far cry from what they’ve ever tried to do in their lives.

This belief has been further squashed over my thousands of approaches by the fact that the only time people have come up to me after witnessing an approach was to compliment me in some way.

Whether it was my ‘smooth confidence’ that guys not involved with Daygame believed I had.

Or the compliments about my ‘killer style’ that fellow Daygamers passing by would comment about.

The moral of this story is that good things comes to those who take.

Plus those silly fears that new Daygamers come up with are totally unfounded.

So now I want you to grab those steel balls of yours and get in front of more women. Each one you Daygame approach is one step closer to your next sexy-time.

Now you must click here and see how a Daygamer with ‘killer style’ and ‘smooth confidence’ talks to pretty girls:


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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