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Life Lessons From

An Old Fart

(12th April, 2017 Email)


64 year old, brittle, thinning white haired man.

Retired. No reason to get up early each morning to prepare for a day’s work.

For near on 40 years this fellow walked to his job each day. Sometimes it was sunny and sometimes it rained… ah yeah and when he had especially bad karma, a sudden hail-storm would sprout out of nowhere, leaving this umbrella-less old school teacher to run and duck for cover. To the amusement of onlookers.

He worked hard throughout his entire career, so as you can imagine, when he retired, he was due for a loooong rest.

But alas

It doesn’t work that way in this ‘sharp as a tack’ old man’s mind.

He still rises with (and sometimes before) the sun.

He dresses well and early. No dressing-gown-until-midday sessions for this go-getter

His breakfast is prepared and eaten before most other retired neighbours have rolled over to turn their alarm onto ‘snooze’ for another 5 minutes.

(Hang on dude, we’ll get to the Daygame lesson soon)

You would think in his old age, with a bit of spare money in his pockets, he would treat himself and have the newspaper that he has read religiously 5 days a week for the last few decades delivered to his door.

Yet, you’d be wrong.

He may not have a school to walk to anymore, but he still journeys his way down to the public library where he converses (well, flirts) with the staff, and sits to read his paper there.

This is only part of the old farts story. He is more active than 99% of the PS4 playin’, potato chip eatin’, bedsores from lying on their ass too much, damn teenagers nowadays.

Two days a week he travels an hour to go fishing. He still finds time to take his lovely wife for nature walks every month. And he has never missed an evening of his 50 push-ups and sit-ups (sure, they might not be the *most* effective exercises for him, but he still does ’em).

You see, just because this man is no longer in formal ‘action’ anymore doesn’t mean he lets his routine slip.

He may not have to get up and go to work each morning. Yet he’s still getting up as early as he ever did and completing his normal routine. Day in, Day out.

When his curious son enquired as to why he continues his rigid regime, he retorted:

“Son, once you give yourself permission to slack off, routine will become harder and harder to get back into. My body and health is outstanding for any 64 year old you see nowadays. If I were to stop, this well-functioning body wouldn’t stay this way much longer’.

Words of wisdom. 

Here are a few more of his words for good measure:

It’s easier to be strict 100% of the time than it is 98% of the time.

Well if that doesn’t that just smack you across the head and open your Daygame eyes to an all-important lesson, I don’t know what will.

There has been a number of periods within my fledgling life where I’ve *taken a break* from Daygame. Be it for extra concentration on schooling and study. Or moreso now as I focus consistent effort on business ventures.

However, there has also been world-defining differences between these different periods of ‘breaks’.

During early breaks, I would completely stop any kind of flirting. So naturally when my break was over, I was rusty as all hell. My ‘Daygame body’ had deteriorated just as my father foretold would happen.

Yet in the later breaks, I may not have actively Daygamed as much, but flirting and approaching in general were still a part of my life. Even if it was a reduced segment.

Maybe it was that cute check-out chick at the supermarket. Or the Latina who sat down next to me on the bus. Hell, it was even the tourist from Canada who came over to ‘ask me for directions’. While I wasn’t out to Daygame during these time periods, flirting still happened naturally.

This kept me sharp. This kept me on the ball. Most importantly it kept me confident.

And when my latter breaks came to an end, it was straight back to business as usual.

It doesn’t make sense to let your hard-earned skill set that comes from the endless gruelling hours of approaching go to waste simply because you ‘took a break’.

There should be no break. Not really. Even while you’re not “actively Daygaming’ you should still be keeping the skill set sharp in between active Daygame periods.

Don’t make it harder on yourself.

Would you believe me if I told you this approach was during my VERY FIRST Daygame session after a 1 month break?

I think you’ll find it sounding pretty sharp and I owe it all to keeping strict during my sabbatical.


Straight back into the sexy Daygame grind


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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