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Life’s Easier When You

Remember This One Secret

(29th March, 2017 Email)

When was the last time you pissed off your fuckbuddy/friends with benefits/girlfriend?

I hope the answer is, at the very worst, ‘just yesterday’.

Recently I took an evening away from work and Daygame to go and watch the Australian Football team play. An important game as well, they needed to win to keep alive their hopes of qualifying for the next world cup in Russia.

But that’s not the point.

The plan was to meet one of my friends with benefit (fwb) there and watch the game together. But alas I was running late, to the point that I was just entering the stadium as the game was starting.

Chicky babe was ‘pissed off’ with me, for not getting there earlier and ‘enjoying the atmosphere with her’.

My response?

“Suck my dick.”

(Sadly, she decided not to give me oral pleasure in front of the 27,000 crowd – bitchez, am I right?)

If that wasn’t enough, she decided to let me know that she didn’t appreciate me staring at girls asses as they walked past us on their way to their seats. With nothing more than a smile in my eye, I grabbed her ass and started fondling her tits. “You’re an ass hole”, she muttered… with a slight grin.

This kind of scenario occurred two or three more times throughout the night.

Towards the end, she thought it would be a good idea to test me (silly girl). She mustered up all her fake anger and scolded me with ‘if you keep checking out girls, I’m not going to sleep with you tonight’.

Well, if that wasn’t my cue to turn the other way, tap this pretty German brunette on the shoulder and introduce myself, I don’t know what was.

For a solid 4 or 5 minutes I flirted with this other girl, until my fwb gave me a nice and subtle punch to the thigh.

I guess she’d learnt her lesson.

So I started paying attention to her again. Even though she felt it appropriate to remind me for the millionth time ‘what an ass hole I am’.


Afterwards we went home, and she gave me the most intense fuck of our fledgling casual romance thus-far.

Whilst we lay on the pillows, struggling to catch our breath, she let out a laugh and said:

“I bet that made you forget about that other girl, huh?”

Of course, my only possibly reply was:

“Well, actually I was picturing her the whole time you were on top.”

Cue another punch to the thigh. I’ve got quite a nice bruise there now.

The lesson is this:

Daygame approaching a woman during the middle of the day shows balls. But it also hints towards social savvy and abundance with women.

If you start seeing one of these girls on more than a one-night-stand basis, you can’t just drop your game and leave her wondering why you’ve suddenly transformed from ‘the guy who hits on random women in the street’ to the ‘guy who only flirts with her’ now.

Remember to always flirt with other girls. Preferably in front of the girl you’re with. Preserve her jealousy. Keep her pissed off. You want her to be thinking you could drop her at any moment and be smashing other girls within a day.

That will keep her extremely attracted to you.

And get you extra passionate fucks at the end of the night.

This article will teach you how to flirt with new girls FAST, especially useful when you’re busy and short on time


Rapid Attraction When You’re Short On Time


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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