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Look Mom, I Found The Elephant.

(19th April, 2017 Email)

“This might seem a bit strange, but I think you’re very pretty and had to come over to say ‘hello’.”

“I don’t normally do this, but you seem pretty cool. We should grab a drink some time. Here, give me your number.”

“Listen, I’m not looking for more ‘friends’. We’re both adults here and if we meet up, I’m going to flirt with you and try to seduce you with my superman powers. If you aren’t interested, just don’t reply to my text.”

“Yes, I understand we’ve just met. But I feel some special bond between us that I don’t normally sense with other people. It might be moving fast, but why stop it when it just *feels right*.”


See, here’s the thing:

Daygame is weird.

Daygame is uncommon.

You may have been in the Daygame scene for a long time. You may have approached 1000’s of girls.


You have to remember this secret. For *most* girls, being Daygame approached by and directly flirted with, during the daytime, by a cool dude like yourself is an exceptionally rare occurrence. It’s scarcely (if ever) happened to the poor, unsuspecting chick.

While past Daygame approaches have slowly but surely hardened your resolve, girls aren’t nearly as comfortable as you during this “strange new situation”.

Daygame will make some chicks feel awkward.

Direct Daygame will have this profound paralysis effect on most girls. Their mouths will be figuratively super-glued shut for the first few minutes of your approach.

Deal with it dude.

Accept it for what it is – part of the Daygame dance. A beautiful part of it as well.

I find it adorable. What’s cuter than a chick whose cheeks turn a rosy-red color of attracted embarrassment as her little mind processes that some hot guy has just come over and started flirting with her?

Nothin’, that’s what.

Those quiet one and two word answers to any question you may ask.

Those silence fillers of ‘ahhhh’  ‘yerrrr’  ‘ohhhkaaay’ when they’re still too shy to feel comfortable within their own skin. Afraid that THEY’LL say something silly and that you, the hot dude who has made her wet right there on the street, will walk away.

Yes, chicks get nervous as well during Daygame.


Did you think you were a special snowflake?

The only one who felt nervous when approaching strangers on the street?

Pah, don’t make me laugh.

Embarrassment and awkwardness goes hand in hand with Daygame. Embrace it, it’s the main ingredient that makes up all those butterflies of excitement and adrenaline in that *high* that overcomes you right before, and during, the first few minutes of each cold approach.

This is all fine and dandy. But it does beg the question: “How do I reduce the awkwardness – so the girl becomes comfortable and invests in the conversation?”

Simple, my friend.

Identify the elephant in the room and call it out.

At the start of today’s Daygame email, I have quickly listed 4 examples of ‘elephants’. Each sentence I’ve said countless times throughout my Daygame adventures, and their following dates/sexy times.

I’m sure you can relate to many of the ‘objections’ that girls will give you above.

Addressing these objections BEFORE the girl can say it herself reduces her anxiety and any issues she may have.

It may be a tad difficult to remember to address the anxiety by calling out ‘the elephant in the room’ but it comes with experience.

Speaking of experience. I’ve put together a cool new article (hot off the publishing press just DAYS ago) that describes the different spectrum of Daygame experience. As well as what you can expect from each stage of this Daygame spectrum.

Chickity-check it out here, you’ll be glad you did:


Different Seduction Skill Levels And Expectations


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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