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Lubing Up Right There

In The Street?

(April 07th, 2017 Email)

Daygame Australia’s reader Xander posed an interesting question a few days ago about one of the inner curiosities of the mind and how it has a tendency to work against you.


Normally Daygame approaching isn’t really a problem for me anymore (even if the getting numbers part still is a bit). I’ve gotten used to approaching and found out that my anxiety goes down after I’ve done it a heap of days in a row.

But I wonder why when I take say a week or two off from Daygame that my anxiety comes back so strongly?

I mean, I know logically that there shouldn’t be any anxiety since just a week prior I’d approached 10 girls in one day.

But now, it’s like I’m “starting all over again”.

The hell’s up with that?


First of all, I explained to Xander that you’re not alone.

It would be a lie for any seasoned Daygame Veteran to tell you that this doesn’t happen to them as well.

There is one sad reality with Daygame…

It’s not logical.

Yet it is LOGIC that we use in order to deduce that “since I approached 10 girls one week ago, I should know internally that there is no reason to feel scared about it”.

Daygame, just like talking to women, is emotional. And we know that emotion trumps logic ALL THE DAMN TIME in this crazy world of ours.


“Why do I keep coming back here” said an English Daygame Fuck Buddy of mine a few weeks ago. You see, she wants a relationship. But she (sadly) understands that I ain’t the one to offer it to her. I never hid this fact from her. In fact, I made it blatantly clear what my expectations were on our first date. Yet she slept with me against her brains logical sequence.

Since then, we’d met up almost weekly for a roll in the sack…

Until she experienced the cock-blocking motherfucker that I like to call ‘cognitive dissonance’. Her brain got a ‘logic hit’ of realisation that what she wanted was a relationship, but her actions (knowingly) kept leading her to casual, commitment-less sex.

So she stopped seeing me, logically.

For about a month…

Then she sent me a booty text…

All the while, she STILL understood and fully acknowledged that she wasn’t going to get a relationship out of me.

This was based on her emotional needs (great fucking sex is emotional).

And hence, emotion trumps logic. Always. Even if it’s not in the short term each time.

So back to Xander’s answer.

Daygame and anxiety can’t be beat with logic. You need to battle it with emotion. But how?

I’ve recommended it before and I’m happy to repeat it again here:

Lube up in the streets *before* your Daygame starts.

I wondered around for 20 minutes yesterday, letting no less than 5 pretty hot girls stroll past me. Then I saw a street charity worker. Hoorah! A free approach. 8 minutes of free-styling conversation later, and I was emotionally hooked on talking to strangers again.

The rest is history.

(The rest being another hour of Daygame, 5 approaches, 4 numbers and 4 replies from said numbers – good statistics).

Being prepared for your Daygame in as many ways as possible is a super-duper way to ease past anxiety as well. Here is a quick list of 7 tips I put together to help you with your Daygame:


7 Tips To Better Daygame


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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