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Make (‘Less’) Room For Sex

(26th September, 2017 Email)

Howdy Daygame dudez!

We have many topics to discuss in these Daygame Australia emails…


They’re all taking one step back down in the pile of ‘things Zac must sit his ass down and write about’ for today

For I have a cute Daygame story to tell

In fact, it involved me breaking my ‘kiss record’. That is, how long it takes me to go from original Daygame approach, to kissing the girl.

We will cover that particular piece of gossip in detail later in this national news broadcast


Before that, we are going to hammer home an all-important Daygame technique

One that amplifies the sexual energy between you and Mrs. latest-approach chicky babe

It’s quite a simplistic technique. But one that pays off 1000% interest when performed successfully. Problem is, you can’t always get away with it. At least, properly. Some girls that you Daygame will let you do it almost immediately. Some will almost do it themselves. Yet, some will show utter disgust when you try it

Today, I talk about reducing the physical distance between you and the hot babe

We will dissect the tactic of cutting into each other’s *personal space*

It makes sense from a logical standpoint. The overall goal of us Daygaming the pretty girls of our choosing is to eventually sleep with, and donate orgasms to, these girls. Logically, you’re going to be pretty damn close, physically, to a girl that you’re doing the horizontal dance with


It pertains to our interest that we make a girl comfortable being “close” to us, as soon as we possibly can

We can achieve this by slowly inching our way closer and closer to a girl as we initiate our original Daygame approach

This comes naturally when you start to implement all of our rapid physical kino escalation that I preach as gospel day in, day out. If you can physically touch a girl, it means you’re within an arm’s length of her. Now, you can touch other areas of her. Areas slightly further away than her arm, giving you *permission* to edge even closer to the senorita.

Feel that chill?

That chill running through your body?


That’s the chill of sexual energy

It’s inevitable

Two strangers cannot be so close together, physically, without some kind of a sexual energy

Ever wonder why people are so uncomfortable on public transport?

Why you’ve probably gotten slightly uncomfortable on a packed train when strangers fill the seats right next to you? They’re in your personal space. And funnily enough, you don’t have a strong sexual attraction to the 50 year old, white-haired biker dude who just sat down right next to you. So that energy which is normally sexual, does a 180 degree flip and transfers into an uncomfortable, awkward energy

Thankfully, two people who are physically attracted to each other don’t get a semi puking feeling


Their hairs stand up. Their privates start to itch. And they get lost in each other’s eyes.



I talk about this because I was reminded of this technique’s power as I Daygamed a stunning German girl just yesterday

This technique is always in the back of my head. I always inch closer and closer to girls who I talk to. Some are comfortable with it, while others need me to calibrate and take it slowly.

Then there was this German chick

It was almost on accident to be honest…

My initial front stop was a *tad* too close to her

Thankfully, she was only dawdling along at snail pace. Instead of angling away from me to avoid collision, she simply stopped.

From the first second of this approach, there was no more than 40 centimetres separating her breasts from my chest


Our eyes locked, and I can barely remember anything spoken. That’s how sexual the entire Daygame approach was.


She had just landed in Sydney after her 13 hour flight and was exploring the city before her jet lag kicked in. At which time she would go back to her hostel to pass out

I had different ideas

She was leaving the very next day to start her tour, so I had to act quickly

Sadly, she wouldn’t meet me for drinks later in the evening. I could empathise. After a flight like that, then being awake all day since arriving, she was going to pass out in the middle of the footpath soon enough… let alone come out for drinks that evening

Next option?

The same day lay

Again, a no go though. She was starting to bomb out, and was heading back to her bed at the time

A pity, she was as much a ‘yes’ girl as you could possibly get

So, last resort

I figured I may as well push for my own record at least, and give her a memorable first few hours ‘down unda’

We sat on some stairs, as I traced a route to her hostel on her map.

Then, I leaned in and made out with her

We could feel the release of sexual tension as our tongues went down each other’s throats

In little over 4 minutes from the original Daygame approach



This means nothing

Kissing a chick doesn’t *do* it for me anymore

It does, however, serve as a reminder just how important your body language and sub communication is with regards to seduction.

A mistake is to believe a girl requires hours of verbal bamboozling, wit, seductive conversation. No sir. If their body yearns for yours to scratch their itch, it takes nothing more than closing the distance physically, handling logistics, and escalating when you two kids are alone

Remember today’s Daygame lesson and be sure to push the limits of how close, physically, you can get with a chicky babe during your original Daygame approach

By making ‘less’ room between Mr. Handsome Daygamer and sexy senorita of the street, you’re amplifying the sexual vibe between ya’ll

Who knows?

Next time, I might meet a German chick with slightly better logistics, and she can be my next ex-girlfriend 

Check out what a sexual ‘yes’ girl sounds like in the trenches of the Daygame battle field here:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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