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Meet My Best Friend, Jealousy

(03rd April, 2017 Email)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of Daygame and fun.

We had an almost unprecedented one here in Sydney… Saturday was a day full of SUN.

Seriously, we’ve not seen sun like that in weeks now.

Now that’s enough about the weather.

Obviously it was only fitting to spend a day at the beach. Try and tell me a better way to do so than with a beautiful tanned girl by my side.

After a tiring bus trip to the ocean we set up our towels on a nice warm rock, getting ready for a rare tanning session (some call me a yeti ’cause of how white I’ve gotten recently – working all day indoors will do that to you).

The spot we’d decided to call our own for the next few hours was in a popular location to say the least. Famous among tourists and locals alike for its calm sea location. The water was crisp and cool which allowed for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Thankfully this means many beautiful girls to check out and stare at throughout the day, not to mention chat up and Daygame when you’re alone.

Oh, and let’s not forget the golden opportunity to create some jealousy in the girl that accompanied me

I took care to make all of this especially obvious to side-chick lying next to me.

We play a fun game (and you should too) of randomly picking out 3 people for each other and having to decide which one we’d rather ‘fuck, marry or kill’. Bonus points if you can make her options so dire that she ends up fucking/killing old people.

Anyways, as we made our way down to the water for our swim, we passed a few middle aged women who couldn’t take their eyes off of me. We said ‘hello’ in passing and stared each other down.

It was about this time that I heard the question ‘Who did you come here to spend time with?’ I turned my head to see an angry looking frown on girly’s face.

I skipped the question and threw her into the water.

But her interrogation didn’t finish there. Every time I looked back to these middle aged lovely’s sitting back on the shore, she would show angst and either splash water at me, or downright punch me.

I guess she was jealous.

Wanting me to pay full attention to her.

But you and I both know it doesn’t work like that. We’ve got to spare some attention for other girls. If not to keep our libido up, then to keep the girl you’re with in her place.

We must remind her that she’s dispensable and while it’s fun being with her, if she starts acting like a spoilt princess, it won’t take long to ‘next’ her and find some other chick that’s fun to spend time with.

Some say ‘jealousy is a bitch’.

I say ‘jealousy controls bitchy behaviour’.

Once your girls understand perfectly that you have endless other options, they’re going to drop their spoilt-brat act that they get away with around every other guy in their life who mindlessly put up with it.

That is why you should be utilising the powerful emotion of jealousy.

And that’s why jealousy is one of my best friends.

If you need a kick in the pants to meet other women constantly and effortlessly create jealousy in the mind of your side chick, let me help you here:




See you tomorrow,

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