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Now Barcelona Are Handing

Out Daygame Lessons.

(16th March, 2017 Email)

To answer your question: Yes, it is a coincidence that the last few tips I’ve sent have been related to Football.

But hey, they are all quality lessons.

Last week, Barcelona’s football club made history with a record breaking come-back in the European Champions League Tournament.

They played a team from France two times. The first game, over in Paris, they were outclassed by a resounding 4 goals to 0. So extreme was this loss, that no team in the HISTORY of the entire tournament has ever gone on and won the second game by at least 4 goals, and make it into the next round.

The second game, played in Spain this time, was looking pretty good for Barcelona. They scored a quick 3 goals. Suddenly the impossible seemed possible. But then adversity struck. The French team scored a goal, making it 3-1.

I won’t go into detail how the goal system works in this competition, but take my word that Barcelona now needed to score an overall tally of 6 goals to make it into the next round of the tournament.

It was now official:

This was an impossible task.


With just 3 minutes left to go in the game, Barcelona used every resource they had left. Every piece of will-power was summoned into action.

And they scored a goal.

Hoorah, but the task was still impossible.

But then, just  1 minute later, they somehow scored another.

Doesn’t matter though, the task was still impossible (though now the history books were starting to sweat).

And with just seconds left in the game, with the last kick of the ball in fact, Barcelona launched a last ditch attack that ended with their 6th goal of the game. Enough to see them break records, overcome history, and defy everyone’s predictions.

Now I’ll be honest, I hate Barcelona. Not a fan at all.

But even I can admire the determination and never-say-die attitude they displayed.

The whole time, I couldn’t help but think how their performance related Daygame. How the guys who get laid the most from Daygame are generally the guys who work the hardest. They are the guys who keep on whispering to themselves, “C’mon, one more approach, one more approach”.

It is this extra commitment to Daygame. This extra drive. This hardcore desire, much like the attitude from this Barcelona team, which drives the successful Daygame seducers through the tiresome numbers-game of approaching.

Not many have the mental stronghold to plow and plow and plow until you finally find that girl who just DIGS you.

Then it is all worth it.

So be inspired by Barcelona’s Daygame lesson, and never quit.

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With regards,

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