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Make ‘Hot Chickz’ Barely Register In Your World

(16th October, 2017 Email)

Welcome back to the Daygame Australia grind

We’ve been in the (infield – tried, tested) process of ironing out a new way to Daygame and approach women…

… And it’s paying dividends…

Remember when the “yad stop” changed the game?

Well, it can take a step to the side


Daygame Australia is revolutionizing the way fellow dudes will approach women

We’re making it even more natural. You will be able to Daygame women who are surrounded by a crowd of tourists. All without any anxiety. There’s no ‘spotlight’ on you. Your approach will blend seamlessly into the environment

Best part?

We’re taking the *supplementing* away from the original Daygame front stop.


We all love the front stop

It’s a great way to take command, and stop a cute chick right in her tracks


Without proper grounding and experience, it can quickly turn into “please like me, here I am trying to entertain you”.

That’s ok.


I know that this happened to me A WHOLE LOT during my cold, rough beginner Daygame approaches.

Wouldn’t you like to change the dynamic though?

To suddenly have the girl thinking, “Wow, he’s attractive and confident. But he’s not giving me his full attention like most other guys. What gives?”

It’s a powerful frame to come from. One where you’re not kissing her ass

A frame where you’re only *just* interested enough in her to actually speak. But not enough to devote your full attention

So how do we do it?


How do we make ‘hot chickz’ barely register in your world?

It’s brilliant in its simplicity, really.

And it’s not far away from completing a full 360 degree spin from how I *used* to Daygame approach women when I first started…

See, when I was cutting my teeth in this whole Daygame schtick, I lacked the confidence to Daygame approach women with the front stop. Too many random members of the public would be watching my every move, dude. Overwhelming pressure and all that jazz.

To combat the ‘awkies’ feeling, I’d just walk beside the girl and talk to her as we strolled along in unison

And to my surprise, this wasn’t too far away from being a fantastic, under-the-radar Daygame approach

It just needed one or two tweaks…

This is where the Daygame lesson comes in

What we’ve been testing here lately that is slaughtering the cuties, and booking our calendars with many romantic evenings ahead

Here’s what you do:

Instead of walking beside the girl and talking, get a bit in front of her

About 2 steps ahead works well

Then, speak to her over your shoulder

Open her as you would normally. Let her reply. Then TAKE AWAY your attention. For a few more steps, look directly forward, away from her. Then turn back again and continue the conversation. Always talking over your shoulder, from 2 steps in front of her


Glad you asked

We’ve removed our interest and complete attention from her ego-soaking expectation

While most guys are kissing her ass, facing her completely, and listening to any dull crap she has to sprout from those lips… we’re barely letting her register on our radar

We’re talking over our shoulder at her. She hasn’t done enough to be equal in the conversation yet

Our complete attention is not deserved yet

Suddenly she’s wondering who the hell you are and why you’re not falling back and making it comfortable for her to talk to you



Your attention is barely there

The aim is to maintain this frame for a minute or two. Generally until the ‘hook point’ of a traditional Daygame approach. From here, we *reward* her by finally stopping and interacting with her as though it were a normal front stop.

It’s at this stage where we can introduce the physical kino and all our other Daygame tricks and treats



Now we’ve started off the relationship (literally) on the front foot. We’ve almost completely disregarded her existence for the first minute or two. Unlike every other guy who hits on her

We’ve separated ourselves as unique

You’ve given yourself the upper-hand shot at success

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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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