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Overcoming Little Gremlins 

Of The Mind…

(18th March, 2017 Email)

I’m generally a happy person.
But there is one thing that shits me to no end. The dreaded early morning. There is no denying it, I am NOT a morning person.
I can do them. I can and have been up at 4am for work and meetings.
Heck, here in Australia, you are forced to get up at ridiculous times if you wish to view any of the Football from the top leagues like England or Spain.
But I’m always waking up with a miserable attitude. There is no way to talk with me, at least until I’ve downed my first cup of coffee.
The disappointing thing is I know all this despair comes straight from my mind. I have early mornings framed as a big pain in the ass. And as a result, my bad temper is a self-fulfilling prophecy that begins the night before as I set my alarm. The gremlins in my mind only spiral out of control from there.
Though I have slowly, but surely, worked out a way to overcome these hob-goblins of the mental psyche.
For a few mornings, I set my alarm 1 hour earlier than was necessary.
The first time, as the alarm went off on my phone, I nearly broke it as I threw it across the room into the wall on the other side.
But I rinsed and repeated this method for a few more mornings… and I’d quickly become ‘adjusted’.
You know what?
When I went back to setting the alarm for 1 hour later, the time I actually had to get up, it was a lot easier (I won’t lie and say it was a breeze, but comparatively, not nearly as hard).
This principle of contrast is a powerful little tool in any Daygamer’s weapon-box.
Where most guys I’ve seen on the streets like to ‘warm-up’ for a Daygame session by approaching some munted looking dog, I go for a total contrast.
I dive right into the deep end.
Yep, the hottest woman I can find will be my first Daygame approach of the day.
I give myself permission for the Daygame approach to go any way it can. Whether it is wonderful, average, or downright embarrassing. It just doesn’t faze me.
For I know that approaching the next attractive girl who walks on down the street will seem like a piece of cake, relative to the first Daygame approach.
This principle of contrast is my fantastic method of overcoming any little gremlins that are running around in my head prior to any Daygame session.
“She’s walking too fast”, “There’s other people watching”, “She looks bitchy, wait for the next girl”
Whatever your excuse is, to tackle them head-on in the most demanding and intimidating situation from the very start, will quickly correct your mentality for the rest of the day.
And drastically improve your Daygame as a result.
Until then, I’ve chucked together a checklist of 7 other necessary, yet commonly over-looked, techniques that will improve your Daygame.
You should have a quick read of these Daygame-boosting ideas here:


7 Tips To Better Daygame


See you tomorrow,
Daygame Australia

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