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Piking A Girl’s Curiosity

Brain Receptors

(04th April, 2017 Email)

Once upon a time many moons ago, ‘Yours Woolly’ (that’s me, my hair resembles that of a sheep’s wool – so I’m told) undertook a working holiday in Canada.

It was a glorious experience filled with natural beauty, freezing forecasts, and grumpy bears. (These are all descriptions of some women I met) – not to mention amazing natural scenery and wildlife.

I remember fondly during my first stop on the working route, I dated a gorgeous little Canadian thing who worked at the same restaurant as I.

She was a sexy skier.

A damn good one as well (as most Canadians are. In fact, I think it’s illegal over there for them NOT to learn either how to ski or snowboard).

Of course, I was only too happy to oblige when she offered me free ski lessons in exchange for some Aussie D. Well, she didn’t need to bargain for that, but I was happy to get the lessons as well.

Moving forward in this holiday time-line, I spend a few months creating havoc as I roamed the icy streets of Toronto. It was here that I first started Daygaming properly. Do recall that the last girl that I dated I had met at my workplace – no Daygame as of yet.

This was an ideal place to start the journey as a Daygamer.

I had an accent which bought my inexperienced ass an extra few minutes of conversation from most girls. On a few occasions this was enough to get me phone numbers that lead to dates. As some of you may recall, it was in fact just 9 days after my very first Daygame direct cold approach that I laid my first chick. Olivia, the sexy, busty and fiery read-head Canadian lass.

She wasn’t the only one though.

It was here in Toronto while I was still at my most *inexperienced* point, that I dated what I still consider probably my ‘hottest’ girl yet. She was just my type. That busty blonde look with those pouty lips.


Towards the end of this overseas escapade, I and some friends did a road-trip into Mexico. From here we met some gorgeous girls to chill with in Ensenada. This is very cool coastal town in “Baja California”. An easy day or so of driving from the U.S border. I recommend readers visit this hot spot if you ever get an opportunity.

It was at the top of a hill overlooking the stars one night that this tall Mexican beauty with long curly hair who had taught me the basics of Salsa.

Salsa being a sexy South American dance for those who didn’t know.

Funnily enough, she also taught me some moves in the horizontal dance as well. But that’s a story for another email.

The point is that these are cherished memories that I can easily work into conversation with girls that I approach during Daygame nowadays.

Be it sharing common interests in skiing, travelling, dancing or dating fiery read heads (hey – some girls go both ways and aren’t shy to talk about it on the street with Yours Woolly) I am able to seamlessly interject one of these stories into our little conversation.

But for what point, I can hear you ask?

Well, social proof is part of any O.G Daygame Gangsta’s toolkit.

And these stories in particular are packed with tales of me pulling tail (lovely little play on words there).

It’s no secret that if a woman knows that other women are interested in you, this will pike her curiosity brain receptors as well.

So it is only natural that basically ‘telling’ a girl that other women are interested in you would aid your ambition of skyrocketing her interest and attraction towards you.

Keep this simple yet devilishly effective Daygame tip in the front of your mind next time you go out.

Reflect back on your life for stories of girls you once dated and work these stories around a common subject that tends to come up in conversation consistently. Dance, sport, gym, bungee-jumping, travel – whatever. That way you’ve got a ‘go to’ social proof *brag* about past girls you’ve dated. It is also a natural and seamless transition in the conversation to tell these stories.

What if I don’t have cool stories from my past to tell?

Well, I can kick your Daygaming butt into action and force you to CREATE some stories of your own.

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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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