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(24th April, 2017 Email)

Many moons ago when I was still freezing my little white ass off in Canada each night, I didn’t have too much experience with game.

Yes, it was Canada where I gritted my teeth, laced up my (extra thick, ice proof) shoes and ground out my first Daygame sets.

Also true: Canada is where I got my first lays – a VERY nice way to keep warm during the snowy nights over there.

But the first few months of the trip were quite different.

I KNEW about Daygame and its principles, but I’d never put any of it into practice.

To a degree at least. I could recognize ‘good game’ and I had enough chances to practice some techniques during my interactions with the girls who worked with me.

And it worked… to a small degree.

But, I was totally humbled by another dude there.

A good looking German guy.

I don’t believe he had ever Daygame approached a girl in his life.


He was damn comfortable around women and knew the right principles; escalation, isolation, social proof, all that fuzzy stuff.

He was *gasp* a ‘natural’.

Most of the other dudes living in the staff accommodation were jealous. I mean, this guy pulled new girls that worked at the resort pretty consistently.

Though thankfully, and I do genuinely praise the gods for this foresight, I was able to remove my ego and jealousy from the situation and use the dude as a learning curve. An education in game. A living example and checklist of seduction steps and what it looks like in real life – with real girls.

  • The way he would invite the girls over to drink in the living-room with everyone.
  • How he’d slowly bridge the gap between himself and the girl.
  • Slowly but surely, he’d convince them to sit on his lap.
  • Then after a while, he’d whisper something in their ear and suddenly they were going back to his room ‘for a minute to check something out’.


It worked almost every time.

It was an education in seduction.

While most of the guys were rolling their eyes and acting like 14 year old girls gossiping and bitching, I was taking mental note.

Boy did it pay off as well.

It’s all well and good to read about ‘correct ways to act’ and even watch them in seduction videos on youtube. However it is essential to take action in real life situations. Without doing so, YOU can never TRULY understand the inner-workings of seduction and Daygame.

Fast-forward a few months later. Thanks to the holy sport of Daygame, I was consistently putting myself into similar situations, where I was taking girls out for drinks and dates on a semi-regular occasions. Let me tell you, having seen this German dude in the same situation at least 15 times before, I had a *much* better idea on how to act.

It wasn’t all the books and videos from the last few weeks and months that helped me through these dates. It was imitating this dude’s body language. His voice tonality. And especially the physical escalation techniques that this German dude had done for month’s right in front of my eyes.

Thus it is not entirely coincidental that I had good success (by anyone’s standards) during the beginning of my Daygame seduction journey.

Even to this day, the lessons I’d witnessed and learned from during my humble beginnings are still applied.

I’m the most physical Daygamer I know of. I’ve already made at least 3 little Kino touch calibrations within the first minute of each Daygame approach I make.

I always push to ‘close the gap’ faster and faster every date I go on.

I’ve always got different excuses ‘to quickly go back to my place’ raring and ready to go.

Where most guys let the ugly head of jealousy shine through, I took a humble step back and quietly observed. I knew I was learning lessons that would last me a lifetime, even if I couldn’t take advantage of it in the moment.

Rather than getting pissy or discouraged that one of you fellow Daygame friends is getting more dates and lays than you – take a step back and observe his behaviour.

What does he do differently to you? What can you change about yourself so you can closely match what a successful Daygamer and seducer is doing?

Rather than reinvent the Daygame and seduction wheel, analyse how you yourself can copy the traits of successful players. This will inevitably short-cut your journey to a bountiful (and booty-full) sex life.

Your first step is to analyse my field tested Daygame tips here and implement them as soon as possible.

Learn from, don’t bicker:


7 Tips To Better Daygame


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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