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My (Secret) Technique To Make

Girls “Approach” Me

(06th September, 2017 Email)

Today’s Daygame lesson is a little gold nugget I’ve not heard any pick-up ‘goo-roos’ preach anywhere before

It’s easy. Effortless really.

And can be used whenever you’re feeling lazy

First of all, I know what you’re thinking:

“Zac, girls don’t approach guys. What kind of crack cocaine mixture did you take this morning?”

Good question. Sadly I didn’t read the label on the dime bag, so I can’t answer it

But it’s true. I can get girls to “approach” me. Sort of.

Let’s clarify something real quick. Girls don’t (extremely rarely) approach guys in the typical sense that we imagine. It’s a cold day in hell when a girl musters up the courage to go over and ask an attractive guy for ‘directions’. AKA an indirect approach. That cold day in hell morphs into arctic-like conditions if a girl makes some kind of direct approach to a guy.


Even in nightclubs. A meat-fest of strangers looking for one common goal of casual sex, the closest that the majority of women come to “approaching” a guys is standing in their general vicinity.

Be it slightly within your personal space at the bar

Or wading their way through the dance-floor so they can bust a move or two right in front of you

That’s about the closest 99.99999999% of chickitas will come to “approaching” you.


Let’s flip the script for a second

Backwards rationalising this, we need to give a reason for women to ‘come and stand near us’. AKA – ‘woman approach’ us.

You know what?


I discovered this technique on accident many moons ago

I’d come to the end of a Daygame session out and about on the mean streets of Sydney, when I parked my ass up next to a shop window. Nothing interesting, mind you. I think it was some perfumes or deodorants.

Here’s the thing

It was the plausible deniability that one particular senorita needed to ‘approach’ me.

She walked by me on the street, then turned back to *check out* the items displayed in the shop window. For a very long minute she stood right next to me, ogling these ridiculous products. Occasionally looking my way and even flashing a slight smile as well.

Telltale signs my friend.


So why did I remember to tell you this secret technique today?


At the time, I thought nothing of it

This was the first time I noticed it, and it was waaaaaay back in the day, when I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. My feet were still icy cold from recently jumping into the Daygame waters.

I wasn’t socially intelligent enough to recognize that this chick was begging me to complete her ‘approach’ by doing the actual opening

But it happened again just yesterday

This time, I was texting a friend as I leaned against a shop wall waiting for the bus

Past me walked a stunning Persian chick. (No – I’m not psychic, I worked it out during our sensual little conversation). She stopped as she moved passed me, and started looking at the MEN’S ROLEXES in the shop window.

Sure, she could have been picking out a spontaneous exotic gift for father’s day…

… But I hedged my bets and figured she was simply attracted to little ol’ muy…

And so it turned out

As soon as I opened her, her entire body language reacted and suddenly I had her full attention. Not to mention a gorgeous smile

From there, the rest is history, as they say. Cute girl too. Her name was Armani. Though she told me that sadly she wasn’t a millionaire heiress to that particular throne.



Let’s wrap up this Daygame email rap with a final disclaimer:

This is the FURTHEST THING from an excuse for you cool Daygame dudes to stop Daygaming.

This IS NOT a free pass to tuck your brass steel balls back into your boxers and no longer Daygame the girls of your liking

The problem with this little secret is that it’s an anomaly

I could well go and stand in front of that store all day today and have no girl ‘approach’ me at all.

What a waste of precious hours that would be



You’ve got no control over which girls are going to take the plunge and put themselves in your vicinity.

I told you about the Persian girl from yesterday. She was cute. Though, there was actually 2 girls who parked their cahoota right beside me. The other girl would… to put it nicely… not stand out in an old age nursing home.

So consider this an option when you’re taking a texting break from your day

Possibly while you’re waiting for a bus

Instead of sitting on the bench with everyone else, go and stand by a shop window.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a ‘freebie’ who turns into your next ex-girlfriend

Sounds good?


I hope you enjoyed this little secret technique of mine. Here’s 7 more cool Daygame tips I’ve put together for ya’ll:


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See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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