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How Pictures Of Koalas And

Wine Bottles Get Me Sex That I

Really Shouldn’t Be Having

[Example Included]

(07th September, 2017 Email)

Daygame is a heck of a sport

Adrenaline, perseverance, good times, bad times… all rolled into one

Plus that pesky little bonus detail of having sex with hot women that YOU get to choose

Tough life, right?

Well sometimes it is…


I’m sure most of you Daygame dudez can relate to this:

You’ve done some fantastic Daygame approaches. They’ve gone swimmingly. The bear has caught many a salmon with his bare teeth. The responses are beautiful. The girl’s response start with “Heeeey”, which is the perfect amount of “e’s” between slightly crazy and totally attracted to you.

From here you take some of these sexy senoritas out on a date

Maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s alcoholic.

The time spent with the chicky babe is fun, light hearted, satiable, sensual, sexual and a few other ‘ual’ descriptive words that aren’t coming to my mind presently

Problem though, young Daygamer…

Logistics weren’t perfect for this date

Something went askew

She couldn’t come back to your place to ‘see that YouTube video real quickly’


She plain and simply thinks like yester-generation and wants to save the world’s greatest pleasure of mutual sexy times for the next date… not wanting to be ‘easy’ and all that jazz


Win some, lose some. Am I right?

In a couple of days you send her some form of witty text. She replies with a bubbly text of her own. You’re thinking “perfect, she’s still on like Donkey Kong”. You’ve cleaned your bedroom, flossed your teeth, stocked up on alcohol, and dusted off your favourite sexy playlist on Spotify.

You suggest a second meet up…


… Then stare at your phones screen for the next 3 hours awaiting a positive response…


She isn’t free at that time, however she suggests another time


You’ve got a *can’t miss* work meeting at that time

The stars haven’t quite aligned in your favour. No matter though, you’re a cool dude and you’re going to play it cool as well.

The following suggestion is some time ‘next week’.

Sadly, she hasn’t got her work roster for next week, so “she’ll let you know on Sunday evening”.

But she never does

You wait for Tuesday to roll around – enough time to not seem *attached to the outcome* like it suggests in that last ‘playa playa’ book you read, before messaging her another evening to meet up

This time she delays her response

She gets back to you the next day with ‘ohhhh sorry, I was supa-dupa busy yesterday. Umm, I can’t do that evening either, I’m going to the cinemas with a friend”

That scenario you’ve dreamed up for the last week as you fall off to sleep? The one of passionate sexy times. Whole afternoons of horizontal aerobics (and possibly vertical for the fitter readers of this Daygame email). They’re all starting to dissipate

Sounds familiar, no?

It sure does to me

In fact, a tear is forming in my eye as I think of all the ‘on’ chicks I’ve lost to similar situations in the past…


What if I told you about a way to fix this problem?

A way to re-engage the girly girl and get her out on that second date where you just ‘know’ you’re going to bang her?

Well you’re in luck

Introducing the “ping” message

Some cutesy-wutesy little picture that no girl can resist responding to

Something that gives them an injection-shot reminder of your fun playful attitude and how she actually wanted to bone you out a few weeks ago

Something that gets those juices of excitement flowing back through her loins. (And other areas as well.)

Crazy thing is, this is easy


An example:

The exact situation painfully described above happened to me over the last 2 weeks.

A curvy Colooooooooombian chicka named ‘Maria’

Maria and I had a fantastic little coffee date one afternoon.

I was sad to learn she was exhausted from an English assignment that kept her up most of the previous night to complete

This was her reasoning for not coming back to my place right there and then.

Over the next week or two, our schedules weren’t quite aligning… and the lines of communication went cold

That is, until right out of the blue I sent a fantastic little ping picture text of “my pet koala” on a surfboard catching a wave.

Her response was overwhelming and warm

From there, I went against all the “pimp rulez” of most pick-up goo-roos and let HER ‘lead’… I said “Maria, I feel like we are drifting apart. I would like to see you again, what evening are you free?”

See, it’s not always about being the ‘alpha macho gangsta’ dude who leads and has very ‘little spare time’, so you only offer her one or two evenings. You know? So you seem almost ‘unobtainable’ and she feels ‘lucky’ that you’re spending some of your ‘limited’ free time with her. When the reality is you’re playing Call of Duty on the Playbox Nintendo or whatever the latest time-wasting video game thingy is.

Maria happily offered me an evening that she was free

I accepted

We met up

We ‘watched YouTube’ back in my bedroom. 3 times.

In yester-years I wouldn’t have ended up sharing memorable sexy times with this chicka, but nowadays ping texts have saved me on a number of occasions.

Give ’em a go

In between googling funny and cool new pictures for your ping texts, read this:


Different Seduction Skill Levels And Expectations


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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