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Stories Never-Before Told

(14th April, 2017 Email)

You Sir may experience dashes of Déjà vu throughout this email. Little pittances of resemblance to your own Daygame Journey up until this moment of time.

As some of you may know, (those who read the free 15 page Daygame report that I sent to you when you joined Daygame Australia’s emailing list), my very first cold, direct approach was over in Toronto, Caaaanada (accurate pronunciation).

It was definitely NOT a ‘yad’ front stop, the type which is most traditionally used by Daygamers.

No sir-ey

It was some awkward-as-fuck (scientific term) approachy thing from the side of the pretty, poor, unsuspecting lass. I kinda tapped her on the side of her arm, motioned for her to remove her earphones and spurted out the most nervous “I think you are cute” line and continued to try and make conversation.

It bombed.

Politely, or ‘normally’ – for Canadians, she said ‘thank you’ then did a sharp 90 degree turn.  She proceeded to walk down a side street that I’m convinced she never had any intention of going down in her life. Just to get away from me.

Such was the repelling power of my shitty first ever cold, direct Daygame approach.

So be it. I’d at least *made* the first approach.

Within a few weeks I was stumbling my way through 3 or 4 approaches per day. Not to mention I had gotten my first LAY from Daygame after just NINE days.

I think it was 3 weeks later that I attempted my first ‘Yad’ front stop.

I was nervous as fuck and had to wait for this girl to walk into a quiet section of street with ABSOLUTELY NO ONE around. With nobody else in sight, I was finally able to put myself in the ‘spotlight’ and perform this fancy *move*.

It was painful and awkward. I then realized that I had slept through our math lesson about circumferences, diameters, radii, and how to measure them. In other words, I approached too close and almost bumped noses with this chick. A chick that turned out to be a 40+ year old lady who looked nice from behind, but less so from the front

Coincidentally it was this day that I learned the important lesson; always see a girl’s face before you Daygame approach her.

Not 3 days later, I met a cute blonde Finnish girl (in the middle of Toronto, go figure). We chatted for 10 minutes as we walked along the same road. This turned into me offering her a coffee, and hence, my very first Instant-date.

This story then fast-forwards 2 months. To a time where myself and two Aussie friends were doing a small road trip through a section of the U.S.

But to keep this story short, I’ll quickly talk about Denver, Colorado.

My friends weren’t into this whole Daygame thing. When they chose to chill in the hotel pool for a few hours, I took the opportunity to catch a bus into downtown Denver. (Quite a beautiful section of the city actually), and get some Daygame sets in. It was our last day in the city, so I didn’t expect anything but some decent, anonymous Daygame practice. This idea was flipped on its head when I met a VERY SEXY tattooed half-Mexican, half-U.S chick. She showed so much interest that I suggested we meet for a drink that evening, reasoning that I’d be leaving town the next day.

We met around 9.30pm for that drink, and just 1 hour later, left to ‘walk around’.

*Somehow* we found our way to the bottom level of an underground parking lot. Here we starting awkwardly having sex on the fire-escape stairs.

My first SDL (Same Day Lay) from Daygame. You couldn’t wipe the excitement off my face for the rest of that U.S adventure. (Nor stop me bragging about it the entire time – childish, yes, but I was just so God-damn happy)

Rounding this story up; I’ll quickly mention that since returning to Australia and Daygaming HEAVILY, there’s been huge leaps forward with my Daygame experience.

Stories like 10+ phone numbers in 3 hour Daygame session (of which ALL replied). To enjoying many more SDL’s (German girls are just so… *open*). To personal records of laying 3 girls in 4 days.

The point is that Daygame takes time. But with time comes more and more experience.

What seemed impossible one day, (my first ‘Yad’ front stop), soon became dwarfed in comparison to my first Same Day lay (the Mexican tattooed chick in Denver).

Within each stage of the Daygame journey there are tell-tale signs that help determine exactly what level you are currently at.

Here I have put together a brand-spanking NEW (just published yesterday) article on the different experience levels of Daygame.

Read the NEW article here:


Different Seduction Skill Levels And Expectations


See you next week, enjoy your weekend and do some Daygame!

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