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Surviving In The Light Of

A Woman’s Scrutiny

(06th April, 2017 Email)

The French film festival was in town last weekend and I decided to take my (surprise surprise) French FWB along with me for kicks.

I chose a flick loosely translated to ‘A bag of marbles’ that promised a bit interest and captivating intrigue, rather than a stereotyped sappy French romance film.

A good choice it was. It contained some important lessons about holding your frame during Daygame

It was about French-Jews during WW2 and more specifically, as the Germans started to occupy more and more of France. The basic jist of this film (and it will relate to Daygame in a second, just read on) revolved around 2 brothers who needed to separate from their family so they could secretly make their way to the “safe zone” – where Jew’s weren’t getting *rounded up* at the time.

Before leaving, their parents handed them a big wad of cash to cover their bribes and expenses along the way.

But then, in a shock to the entire audience in the cinema, the Dad started abusing the little boy (not older than 11 or 12).

He asked him if he was Jewish. The kid knew he had to keep his heritage a secret for survival, so he said “no papa”.


An aggressive slap across the face.

Tears dribbled down this kids face as suffered disbelief of the situation at hand (reminiscent of a harsh Daygame rejection).

Again, the father asked whether he was Jewish.

This time the child offered a rather more assertive “No”


Across flew another slap, leaving the kid’s cheek red with swelling.

This situation played itself out once more. But by this time the younger brother started attacking his Dad, yelling “he’s not Jewish, leave him alone”.

Suddenly the father relaxed and hugged his child while he explained his actions. Something along the lines of:

“It is better to put up with the pain now, rather than be dead later.”

At this point, I couldn’t help but see the shining similarities this life lesson shares with Daygamers and the rough lessons that the streets and approaching women will teach us over time.

One of the most important parts in a truly masculine male-female interaction is holding your frame and not bending it to appease a woman. Much less a random one from the streets that you’ve known for less than 5 minutes.

In saying this, why is it that so many “playaz” falter with women in the streets?

Yes, shit tests may trip some guys up occasionally. It is possible that they didn’t read the social situation properly. That’s understandable and you can be forgiven for letting this happen occasionally.

But the problem is deeper.

Many men are SCARED to hold up their opinions in the light of a random women’s objection or scrutiny.

It can be as simple as stating “Australia is such a warm country” to an American girl who retorts “No I don’t think so. For the 2 weeks that I holidayed there, it was lyk supa-cold dude”.
Whereby the guy then immediately changes his opinion and conforms to the girls viewpoint (i.e. falling into her frame) by saying “oh yeah, I guess you’re right it can be quite cold”.

Of course this is a fairly shallow example.

But it is one of the most common killers of attraction with women. Especially women from Daygame, who have only known you for a few minutes and yet they find you’re already supplicating to their frame just like every other loser guy in their life.

If only guys could have a magic “slap fairy” who sits on their shoulder and WHAMMOO – slaps them hard across the cheeks whenever they are about to drop their frame. Then there’d be a rapid increase in the amount of truly masculine and attractive Daygamers out there.

So today’s Daygame tip is just that.

Slow down your next Daygame approach and make a conscious effort to not bend to the women’s frame consistently throughout the conversation. I’m not saying that you can’t change your opinion in the face of new evidence that supports something other than your beliefs. Just that you shouldn’t break under the pressure of a woman’s differing opinion so god damn much.

In fact, if you want to see a good example of holding your frame throughout a Daygame approach and having a woman fall into your frame (and become devilishly attracted to you as it happens) check out this Daygame Infield here:

(P.S. There’s a full analysis throughout the approach as well)


Hold Your Frame While Creating Devilish Attraction During Daygame


See you tomorrow,

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