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The *Perfect Length* Of A

Daygame Approach

(20th September, 2017 Email)

Daygamers like to debate this silly little topic way too much

Why’s it silly?

Because they’re getting too technical, analytical and stubborn over one little aspect in the overall sport of Daygame

There isn’t really a correct answer

Anyone who has Daygamed for long enough knows this

There are, however, certain qualifiers that will determine whether you should be peeking down at your watch or not during the Daygame approach


Without further ado, let’s begin our descent into today’s Daygame rabbit-hole:

Firstly, “yes girls”.

There is almost no way to screw these beauties up

When a Daygamer lucks upon these unicorns, he has ample options up his sneaky sleeves

Yesterday, I met one of these beauties as I strolled through a park here in Sydney

Prior to this park were some traffic lights. I noticed this Persian goddess stick her head out from behind the rather large electricity pole to sneak a glance at your truly. Hint number one, she dug my look

Next up, I made it a point to cross the road slowly so I could properly check her out

A fine little body she doth has

Quickly she calibrated her pace to be slower than mine, and as we got to the other side of the road, she followed my lead from close quarters

The proof was in the pudding

Instead of being all goofy and uncalibrated by walking at snail pace so she could overtake me, only to ‘front stop’ her… I merely turned to her and started chatting whilst walking along-side each other

She hooked straight away, asking me a few silly little questions that tend to jump into every nervous woman’s head

We exchanged pleasantries as we reached a fork in the road,  where we were destined to go our separate ways


Not until I had dropped one more direct sexual compliment, and suggested a coffee date one other afternoon when we were both free

Instantly, she agreed. Almost pleading with me to take her number

Of course, I obliged

Total time during our interaction – approximately 2 minutes, 37 seconds. Possibly an extra 30 or 40 milliseconds… but who’s counting?




Two of the free Daygame infield approaches on the Daygame Australia website are with absolute ‘yes’ girls as well

Both span either 17 or 18 minutes

They both ended in the same sensual result

As will this Persian chick who I conversed with for slightly over 2 1/2 minutes


Yes girls don’t matter. Time ain’t an issue. If they sorely want you inside them, they’re gonna get it however possible


Next up on the Daygame debate of ideal approach length:

The ‘no’ girl

By definition, this one doesn’t matter at all

Back as a beginner Daygamer, when I was still grinding my teeth in the cut-throat world of meeting hawt chickz, I met dozens of girls who had absolutely no interest in me. Sadly, some were just too polite to simply walk away or tell me to ‘fuck off you weird cunt’, as an eloquent Australian girl would do.

I can remember 20 minute conversations that didn’t garner a single reply to my text message

Same goes for 10 minute, 5 minute and 30 second conversations


“Ok Zac, that’s all well and good. But where is this all going?”

Preface over

Now onto the meat

Daygaming the ‘maybe’ girls. The girls where you actually need any semblance of ‘game’ to help sway the odds of sexual frivolity in your favour

To Daygame a ‘maybe’ girl is where any debate for the length of a perfect ‘Daygame approach’ should lie

And the simplistic answer?

[Drum roll]

[Extended drum roll]

6-9 minutes

And no, that’s not me choosing to work the sensual “sixty-nine” into today’s Daygame Australia email conversation

I suppose you could say the average being 7.5 minutes

But fact is, I’ve gone over MANY of my recorded Daygame approaches. Ones where I went through the natural Daygame process of attracting and grounding the ‘maybe’ girl. By far the vast majority of my Daygame approaches spanned between 6 and 9 minutes

Theoretically it makes sense


With most ‘maybe’ girls, it is going to take a few minutes of attracting, teasing, and spiking, before you get her interested enough to contribute to the conversation and start enquiring about you.


When this moment finally comes, you have to ground the conversation

Build some rapport

Build some comfort

Get this chicky babe feeling relaxed around you

Enough that when she gets home, jumps in her bubble bath and starts touching herself, she doesn’t just think of you as some ‘crazy conversation’ she had that day. But more of a ‘handsome, mysterious, courageous stranger she’s dying to meet again’.


That covers the 6 minutes part

“Why the artificial 9 minute glass ceiling?” I hear you dudez quiz…

Well, let’s look at that bubble bath thought process running through the hawt chickz brain again:


The beauty of out artificial time range is how we limit the possible amount of information we blurt out at the girl

By the time you’ve finished teasing and attracting the girl, then grounding and building comfort around conversational topics that she’s shared, there’s been very little time left for her to discover information about you

Now she’s curious…


Curiosity is a psychological ‘itch’ that is difficult to leave unscratched

To delve past 9 (or 10 if you’re a daredevil risk-taker) minutes in a conversation is to begin revealing too much of your hand

Think about playing poker where you always show your opponent your hand

Sure, they’ll win your money, but there’s no excitement from them. They know everything about you. No amount of bluffing is gonna save your sorry ass.

The longer you’re standing in front of the girl, donating details about your life… the quicker her immense curiosity towards you will dissipate


Check out what kind of ridiculous B.S. you can get away with when talking to ‘yes’ girls:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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