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One one One

(The Rule Of One)

(10th April, 2017 Email)

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and am feeling nice and relaxed.


Good. Because I need your rested and relaxed ass to picture this:

You’re out on a baseball pitch, getting ready to slog a home run. Just as the ball arrives, you swing. CRACK, you just broke the umbrella you were holding. It turns out that an umbrella isn’t really the right item to be slogging baseballs with.

Now you’re getting ready for dinner.

But sadly, your stove doesn’t work, and you’ve got a bowl full of cold soup.

What do you do? Well I hope the answer isn’t putting it on top of your toaster, and hoping the heat coming from it will warm your soup. You sit there for half an hour, constantly pushing down the buttons to turn the toaster back on. But to no avail. Alas, your soup is still ice cold.

In your fury, you accidentally knock the bowl and some soup overflows into the toaster. Smoke bellows out as it short circuits… And now you’ve broken it.

Scary stuff, right?

Well allow Yours Woolly (hey, who am I to argue with a strange yet appropriate nickname) to espouse upon you the secret information of the ‘rule of one’.

See, this ‘rule of one’ boils down to the basic concept that focusing on one main objective and one alone – is the most straightforward line from start to success.

What one concept was an umbrella made for? Protecting you from rain (and possibly flying away, if you’re an English housekeeper – yes, Mary Poppin’s reference in today’s Daygame lesson). So it makes little sense to try and slog home runs with it.

Same concept works for a toaster. The name kinda implies you should use it to make toast. Not to warm up soup. Is it any wonder you broke the damn thing? Heating soup just ISN’T the one objective that poor, defenceless toaster was made for.

This ‘rule of one’ can be a powerful little tool in any Daygamer’s itinerary of tricks

By focusing on ONE objective during the day, you will remove all other distractions and obstacles.

I’m a very special snowflake. I think I am the ONLY guy who has a thing for blondes with big tits…

So naturally I used to put this ‘type’ of girl on a pedestal.

If I had Daygamed 2 identical girls. Look-alike bodies. Cloned length of legs. Same level of sexy tanned skin. Duplicate nose piercing. But one had blonde hair, the other brunette… I’d have felt infinitely more comfortable flirting with the brunette purely because I *perceived* the blonde as a more desirable human girl thingy.

So what did I do?

I focused on ONE. The ‘rule of one’.

I went out each day and ONLY approached blondes with big tits.

It was glorious

It was testing

And it was damn near nerve-wracking.

But thanks to the ‘rule of one’ it was also successful.

In a matter of days and 50+ approaches, comfort had set in (plus a few decent results didn’t hurt my pride either).

Now if I’d have gone out with the intention of just ‘approaching more’ blonde chickz with big titz – I’m sure I would have found excuses not to.

Maybe I’d have seen a blonde walking just in front of a decent looking red-head. I *probably* would have approached the red-head instead purely because I would have felt more comfortable.

But by focusing in on ONE single objective, I gave myself no leeway to pussy out in. Such is the power of the ‘rule of one’.

Nowadays approaching a blonde is as natural as any other girl out there.

In fact you can check out just how much fun I had picking up, and having my fun sexy times, with this busty Norwegian blonde here:

(Just listen to the puppy dog excitement in my voice throughout)

And I owe this and any future “blonde chickz with big titz” success stories to implementing the ‘rule of one’ into my Daygame


[Infield] Blonde chickz with big titz Infield Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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