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The Sexiest “Accidents” Of All Time

(11th September, 2017 Email)

Damn Daygame can be a heck of a fun sport

We’re just entering spring here in Sydney. We’re already seeing some of those short, sexy summer dresses appear on long-legged goddesses

Life is good… and my eyes are getting an incredible workout every time I step outside


Daygame is an integral piece in the puzzle of meeting sexy women throughout your lifetime

And the quicker you start to take action and eventually master this little sexy sport of ours, the quicker you start to have real fun. With confidence comes the bally-ness to throw the chains aside! To rip the training wheels away! To go out and start free-balling with the cranium of gooey mush inside that skull of yours

AKA to seduce women while totally being yourself, doing what you want, and saying any stupid shit you choose to say

You know what I did last week?

(Almost) Same day laid a beautiful blonde English girl… normally I don’t get on too well with these chicks. But hey, sometimes the Daygame Gods smile upon you and throw you a total ‘yes girl’

When this gift from heaven happens, it’s the purest form of *permission* to let loose, go crazy-stupid and push everything to its limits; verbal escalation, jokes, spiking, physical escalation, all the vast extremities you could possibly imagine


Notable highlights were sitting in the park sipping coffee as I casually made a kiddie pedophile joke

JOKE people – JOKE

It was shocking

Instead of getting slapped, a bit of her ice coffee exploded through her nose

(4 days later, it wasn’t the only white liquid)



That example was, as I rightly stated, taking my morbid sense of humor to an extreme.

There is a beautiful spot in the middle where you’re still hitting fun and jovial spikes of conversation. Just without the whole stigma of ‘kiddie rape’ overtones to your jokes…


Basically slightly more ‘socially acceptable’ joking that still sky-rockets the girl’s pantie-whetting attraction levels, without the extremities of controversial conversational subject matter.

Here’s what we’re learning in today’s Daygame Australia email:

We’re going to explore a few examples that you can apply YESTERDAY into your Daygame approaches. Plus the subsequent conversations, so you can rattle the pretty ladies cage a little bit

To knock her out of ‘normal daily conversation’ mode into ‘exciting, never-experienced-this-before’ sexually excited mode

This is the secret sauce that does most of your attraction work ‘for you’.

Once you can train your mind to *think* of little jokes and conversation innuendos like these, you’ve unlocked the short code into a girl’s flooded lingerie…

… Ok…

Enough teasing


Here’s a great line I heard a few months ago, but have already exploited shamelessly and relentlessly within my Daygame approaches with sexy senoritas!

[When commenting on the girl’s sexy hair and physically touching it to spike our conversation]

“Oh yeah, I love long hair… it gives me something to pull on from behind you… … … you know, in case you’re walking out in front of a bus – I can save your life”

[Insert stupid big grin and a slight wink]

[Oops – did you just accidentally use a sexual double entente?]

[Credit boytoystory for the line I think?]

You don’t have to be a masterful magician to come up with witty, sexy, and funny innuendo like this


But boy does it cut down your seduction workload when you can casually spike the little conversations you have with women, using drops of magic Daygame-seduction pixie dust like this

Sprinkle a sentence like this over a girl’s face from out of nowhere right after talking about her great grandmother or whatever, and you can actually SEE her forebrain shutting down

Not to mention the strawberry flush red shoot across her cheeks from sexual excitement


These little double-espresso injections of raw sexual energy are best saved as a “pattern break”. Generally smack bang in the middle of a deep rapport conversation

When you’ve been digging deep into the cobwebs of a girl’s history and establishing that groundbreaking comfort that will later let her take her knickers off even though she’s only *technically* known you for a few hours…

It’s a trick us super Daygamer’s use for keeping the sexual undertone throughout the entire Daygame approach or date or coffee sit down. Whatever you happen to be doing with the girl at the time

A way to remind the poor senorita that, yes, we can get comfortable and talk about deep stuff…

But this is still sexual. Man to woman. And our true desire is to rip each other’s clothes off as soon as we’re alone together


Now I implore you Daygame dudez to sit down and think of 2 or 3 different lines like the one above

Something that can be interpreted so easily as sexual, but you reframe it as ‘cute’ right at the end…

… At the very end, right after she’s felt the whole-body sexual *itch* pass through her…

Combine this top-level Daygame seduction technique with everything in my guide to physical kino escalation, and you’ll soon be taking out a mortgage to afford your new extreme condom purchasing habits


Kino Touch And Physical Escalation Within Daygame Pick Up: A Definitive Guide


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia

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