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Vegetables VS. Steak

(30th March, 2017 Email)

If you’re a healthy human being then you eat both of these products on a fairly regular basis (sorry veggo’s, there’s no way you’re as healthy as me).

I am willing to go out on a limb and conclude you prefer the steak part of your meal more so than the vegetable side.

It’s just… more attractive.

That cooked meat smell.

The blood still dripping out.

The portions of that tasty fat.

That caveman instinct that takes over, forcing you to chow down and leave nothing on your plate.

Now look at vegetables…

Ugly little things, aren’t they. I mean, broccoli looks like little fucking green trees for god sake, while carrots resemble a disfigured dildo (not to mention eggplants). Tomatoes remind me of a tighter version of my fuck-buddies ass, and, well, let’s not even get started with brussels sprouts.

Is it any wonder most people crave the steak, having no problems to ravage it apart and finish eating before it’s basically left the fry pan?

But why then does it seem like a herculean effort to eat the vegetables that go along-side?

Why do I have to sit there for 30 minutes slowly forcing them down my throat (no jokes here please)?

Well, I figure it’s just the appearance of one thing vs the other, and how much more inviting the steak looks.

So we now agree that looks can be quite inviting.

That is good news. We can apply this train of thought to women and Daygame. Women will sub-consciously (and sometimes consciously, if they are more brazen) shows signs of invitation when they look at you. A women who is walking past, catches your eyes, and then looks away and down feels a form of attraction for you. A woman who maintains eye contact and lets a slight smile creep onto her face, is attracted to you. Oh, and guess what, a woman standing within your designated ‘personal space’ at the traffic lights or in line at the grocery store is attracted to you as well.

They are all offering you an invitation to Daygame approach them.

These girls are like steak. They give off all the right signs for you to proceed with your Daygame approach and enjoy your time.


And I want you to remember this tip:

If a girl is green like broccoli, she is most likely very sick, or possibly an alien. You should avoid this girl like you try to do broccoli.

If you’re a steak fan, and love meeting girls, well I have a wonderful example of me approaching a filet mignon.

Check it here:


[Infield] Horny Norwegian ‘YES’ Girl Daygame Seduction


See you tomorrow

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