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Where The Hell Are

My Daygame Emails?

(18th April, 2017 Email)

Fear not my friends, for I have a story to tell.

The Easter long weekend has just gone by. A 4 day holiday for us all (I hope you had some deprived sexy-times fun throughout!)

I was surprised by a sweet little present from my Colombian friends with benefits. She was given a couple of free nights in a super-swanky 5 star resort up in the iconic Blue Mountains that overlook Sydney.

She offered me a relaxing weekend away to join her, and who was I to turn it down?

So we caught the two hour train together, where we sat across from some U.S. tourist chicks. Naturally, I flirted with them for most of the trip up.

We talked of all things Australia. Then I went on to share some fun-lovin’ stories about my travels though the U.S.

Next we checked into the resort, where a short and busty Australian girl with a cute face was working the reception. This kick-started another 5 minutes’ worth of flirting as she sorted out our details. This kind girl decided to ‘personally show us to our room’. How lovely and thoughtful…

My Colombian chick punched my arm when she saw me checking out the girl’s ass as she led us to our room.

Now the two of us were left alone in our room. A recipe for sensual disaster.

But alas, there would soon be knocking on the door. Housekeeping. They came to tidy up one or two last things in the room.

Once again, I was up flirting and lightly kino’ing (touching) the girls arms and waist. All the while I quizzed her on the best hiking locations and lookouts to check out in our spare time. She enthusiastically replied. Though most of the time, she stared at me with those big puppy-dog eyes that infatuated girls can’t help but have pop out of their head.

For the next couple of hours it was business as usual. I teased and pinched the Colombian girl’s ass throughout the day as we explored all the cool sites in the area.

Later that evening we took a deserved, relaxing swim in the heated swimming pool, before moving into the bubbling sauna.

Well wouldn’t you know, but as luck would have it, there was an attractive lifeguard who looked to be approaching Milf-y territory on duty.

Luckily I found time between playful make-out sessions and underwater wrestling with the Colombian girl to converse with the lifeguard. She told me a few funny stories about past guests who would purposely stay under water for long enough to frighten her. Only to miraculously wake up as she was kissing air down their throats.

And here I was thinking this only happened in movies.

Damn, there goes my *move* I thought to myself.

There was one last instance that I somehow managed to piss my Colombian girl off with.

It was over dinner. The girl working behind the bar in the restaurant gave me a 3 minute, in-depth lecture on all the different micro-brewed beers they had available. Mind you, this was after I simply asked “which one do you think is best” – innocently enough.

I guess the Colombian chick didn’t like it when this bartender started pouring me little sample of each beer. Very kind girl. Accommodating. Kind of a pity I was with the Colombian girl at the time…

Finally we arrived back at the room for our night cap.

I poured us both a glass of red wine and walked over to give her a little ‘cuddle’ on the bed.

With the feisty attitude that only a South American Latina can give, she snatched away the glass and moved to the other side of the bed. She proceeded to educate me with a little rant about how “rude” it was of me to flirt with all those different girls today.

Argue with her?

No sir-ey.

Don’t be silly.

Roll my eyes, turn over, and start settling in for a nice, comfy sleep in the king sized bed?

Yes thank you.

But alas, my plans for relaxation were abruptly dashed as the Colombian girl soon realized I wasn’t going to come over and apologize for my ‘naughty actions’.

Instead, she started teasing my body with her busty figure and soft hands.

Then proceeded to fuck me rougher than United Airlines treats their passengers.

As we lay there in our sweaty mess of an aftermath, she said something interesting, “I bet that made you forget about all those other girls today”.


Right there.

Today’s lesson.


Just because you spend time with a girl, does NOT mean you automatically transform into a penis-less machine who doesn’t look at other girls.

Quite the opposite, you should look to flirt and interact with more girls WHILE your girl can see.

Make sure she is 1000% aware that the time you spend with her is special. She should understand that if she doesn’t live up to the expectations you set, you have option to leave at any time.

The pussy-whipped guys you see who have their girls giving them shit, disrespecting them, putting up with all kinds of rudeness – those are the guys who feel lucky to be with the girl. They feel that her spending time with them is “special” and that they must be on their best behavior, because the girl has other ‘options’ she can leave him for at any time. They cannot take “one wrong step”

I say no.

Flip the script.

Make THEM purrrr like a sexy little Colombian kitten and ride your dick in ways you’ve never felt before.

Make THEM work to keep you.

These kind of insights come with experience though.

Luckily for you, I’ve recently published a NEW article about the different levels of Daygame experience and what you can expect from them.

Have a quick read here:


Different Seduction Skill Levels And Expectations


See you tomorrow,

Daygame Australia


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